Best Dress Shoes For Car Salesman In 2024

Sales representative is a task where a person has to work in both indoor and outdoor. The shoes they wear directly affect their performance when contacting with customers. Wearing the best dress shoes for car salesman can be a good idea to be attractive and comfortable.
A polished shoe adds an elegant look to your formal outfit. Nevertheless, don’t wear a stiff shoe whether it looks good. Because it hurts you and eventually spoil your confidence while selling a car.

What does a typical salesman wear

Typically there are some defined outfit manners that a sale representative should carry. Normally, suits with white shirts, black formal pants, and dress shoes are recommended for any type of salesman. If they wear casual, then white T-shirts, black/blue jeans and tennis shoes are suitable. However, some companies have company Uniform. Whatever they wear, they need to be smart in their manner and outlook.

How do I choose comfortable shoes

Choosing a comfortable shoe isn’t a task of words. It lies many things to consider when you pick a new shoe. But at your first trial, the shoe should feel comfortable. It should fit well. The shoe has extended space with cushy support are considered as comfortable.

What are the best shoes to wear for standing all-day

Most of the time, a salesman has to stand all day. No doubt, it’s a very tough job to stand all day and serve better service to the customer. A lightweight, snug, as well as enough responsive shoe, is best for them. Researching the market, we find Adidas Ultraboost 22 Men’s, Nike Invincible 3 Men’s/ Women’s, and Skechers Work Relaxed Fit are some most comfortable shoes to wear for standing long periods.
                     Best Dress Shoes For Car Salesman

1. Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford

Clarks Men’s Tilden is our first pick as the best dress shoes for car salesmen. This shoe has been designed in such a way that you will enjoy the whole day long enjoying the extreme comfort and flexibility. This dress shoe can go with any formal outfit easily. So, when you take it in your hands, you never go wrong.
I personally like the stretch gore panels of this shoe. It provides a snug and flexible fit on my foot. It also allows me to enjoy incredible security and flexible fit. The ortholite footbed of it keeps me supported but still gives me breathable movement. It also minimizes the impact of hard surfaces.
The best thing is, it can wick away your foot moisture. Therefore, a sweat and smell-free working time can be enjoyed. Amazingly, this shoe is slip-resistant. All in all, these Clarks shoe is excellent in quality, comfort, and support.


• Great shoe with a sleek design
• Stretch gore panels responsible for a flexible fit
• Easily wicks away foot moisture
• Ortholite footbed fasten your every step
• Features Soft Thermoplastic Rubber outsole for comfy movement


• May bit thick for a wide foot
• The toe box is very long

 2. Florsheim Men’s Medfield Cap Toe Oxford

Florsheim Men’s Medfield Cap Toe is a top choice for any kind of salesman. This dress shoe perfectly combines style, flexibility, and comfort. Designed with a durable rubber outsole, it allows long-lasting wear. Additionally, it is suitable for all weather.
These men’s shoe has a slip-resistant sole. It can create out-of-the-box cushioning and flexibility. The shock absorbing qualities of it keep your fit flexible yet safe. To maximize breathability, a natural lightweight material is used to build it. At the same time, it guarantees you enjoy a dry and cool moving experience.
 Overall, these car salesman shoes are comfortable, and flexible, yet classic.   As it offers a variety of patterns, you’ll like it to go for any time.


• Classic, and stylish with a burnished finish
• Genuine leather comes with breathable linings
• Ortholite X-40 rebound foam remains your feet in softness
• Removal of footbed takes responsibility to be stable
• Ortholite High Rebound Foam provides excellent shock absorbent


• Highly expensive
• Some people claim they are narrow

 3. Bruno Marc Men’s Leather Lined Dress Oxford Shoes

Bruno Marc Men’s Leather Lined is a well-designed shoe for any formal outing. A smooth synthetic leather upper makes it light yet comfy. Featuring a plain toe, it maintains a polished style. It is carefully constructed for sweet-prone people. Because the leather is sweat-wicking leather.

If you use it for a long period, the wear-resistant rubber outsole keeps you supportive and rigid. The heel portion is made with a 1-inch retro stacked wooden material. These dress shoes combine stability and responsiveness while walking.
Furthermore, these shoes are a great option for wide feet. It is excellently designed with a roomier toe box, about 9.5mm wider. Most of the customers like this width of it. Surprisingly, it is a budget-friendly shoe. You can love to wear it at your office.


• Smooth synthetic leather upper creates a stunning look
• Great shoe for wide feet with a roomier toe box
• sweat-wicking leather reduces the sweaty and smelly situation
• maximize heel support by retro stacked wooden heel
• light and padded latex footbed


• Outer lining may break slightly
• May found smelly

4. Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford

Crafting with a sleek design and classic look, Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford is a must-have option for all car salesmen. It is a modern shoe that matches up with any formal meeting or outfit. These Oxford shoes bring outlook and comfort altogether.
The shoe has an OrthoLite footbed. It takes care to minimize foot pressure. Some excellent shock-absorbing properties are applied to make it. As a result, it perfectly absorbs shock during your movement. You will be surprised how responsive the shoe is even if on a harsh surface.
With thermoplastic elastomers sole, it has supreme traction and grip. The outlook with the quality, this shoe can be your top choice for going to any type of casual meeting or get-together.


• Thermoplastic elastomers sole is a unique feature
• Ortholite Footbed spread foot weight equally
• Smooth fabric, along with PU linings, boosts your comfort
• Stretch gore panels assure supple and blanded fit
• Ultra-lightweight to go for all day long


• Thin footbed
• The toes portion may hurt sometimes
 5. Cole Haan Men’s Grand Camden Oxford
Are you looking for casual footwear for a formal outfit? Then you will like the Cole Haan Men’s Grand Camden Oxford shoe. With an eye-soothing color, you will catch your customer’s attention to improve your sale. Because the first impression is very important here. It is designed with a blucher Oxford upper and is super soft in detail.
There is a fully padded sock lining. I personally like the softness of this shoe. But for its casual look, you may avoid it for a formal outfit. Actually, it assures your day-long comfort though it looks a bit heavy. Additionally, the outsole is made of full EVA material. So, it’s sturdy and rigid, yet flexible.
With more attractive features, it has some disadvantages also. Well, it is very costly actually. So, if you have a budget limit, you may skip this one.


• casual leathers, go with any outfit amazingly
• Fully padded and soft sock lining minimizes foot pain
• Excellent cushioning technology and EVA outsole
• rubber pods amplify heel support and traction
• the toe box is spacious and large


• Need more penny to have
• Looks heavy with some outfit

6. Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather Oxford Dress Shoe


Some car salesmen have foot pain or serious foot injuries. Now, we pick one of the best car salesman shoes on the market, which is the APMA acceptance shoe. That means it assures its quality to make its wearer flexible and comfortable even if they have serious foot fatigue.
Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather shoe has polished and attractive full-grain leather uppers. You can easily clean the shoe, just need a soft cloth. Its padded collars enhance your way of movement. because it creates an extra layer of softness while you are walking.
The outsole is durable and stiff yet comfortable for unwanted surfaces also. The way it is constructed helps a car salesman to promote his foot health. Allowing normal and natural foot function, anyone can like the shoe all day.


• Polished full-grain appealing leather uppers
• Padded collars help to get stiff-free movement
• Delivering an extra layer of delicate experience
• APMA ensures the quality and comfort of it
• rubber outsole enhances grip and traction on wet ground


• Only two colors are available
• Sole leaks in the middle, sometimes

 7. COSIDRAM Mens Casual Shoes

You might think that as it’s our last recommendation. COSIDRAM Mens So this is not as good as the previous one. But these car salesman shoes are so stylish along with super lightweight and flexible features. Different from others, the hand sewing on the upper of the shoe makes it attractive and stylish. It reflects an attractive working attitude while you confess to the customers.

I must admit the superior cushioning of these casual sneakers. The insole and the outsole of it are ergonomically designed. Therefore, people like to wear them for long working time or a short get together. Amazingly, it keeps your feet away from any harsh surface.


• Comes with a premium microfiber upper
• superior cushioning confirms by excellent breathability
• minimizes foot pain with the cushioned insole
• excellent for increasing foot contour
• illuminate foot fatigue for long periods


• The inner portion needs more padding
• A little bit thin

Criteria to buy best dress shoes for car salesman

The most vital features to have a dress shoe are described below to make it easier which should be picked.


Comfortable shoes are mandatory for a salesman. Before purchasing a car salesman’s shoe, try to pick a soft, cushioned, and light shoe to enjoy maximum comfort.


Dress shoes should be breathable. Because the dress wear with a dress shoe is usually formal. So, making sweat is a common thing. Therefore, don’t ruin your comfort by wearing a sweat-prone shoe.


The outsole is responsible for delivering proper stability. So, the outsole should be strong, stiff yet flexible to move.


Any type of representative has to be flexible in their working time. Wearing a flexible shoe will be a necessary criterion for them, and it comes with the combinations of the criteria described upper.

Ankle Support

Dress shoes need more ankle support. It provides confidence to the user. You should try to select a dress shoe with proper ankle support.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What shoes are best for a dress?

Ans: It can be varied person to person. Many options are available here. You can choose classic sneakers for a casual and sporty feel. With a white sneaker, you can pair it up with a colorful sunny dress.
You can wear white boots. Most people like white and it makes everything look more summery. Another option might be ankle boots. If you want more options then I suggest picking a silver sandal, which copes with any outfit of any color. Or you just go wearing flat sandals. Flats never go wrong with any outlook.

What shoes do you recommend for a car salesman?

Ans: A shoe with a nice appearance, support, and flexibility can be recommended for a car salesman. Personally, I like leather shoes as they are light and breathable. The upper of the shoe doesn’t need to be shiny but clean. A must-have feature is that the shoe should be flexible so that a salesman can confidently deal with his customer.

What should I wear as a car salesman?

Ans: Normally, car salesmen have some business attire. A formal shirt along with a tie, black pants and formal dress shoe is accepted in most of the showrooms or offiecs. In the summertime, a casual pant with a polo may be comfortable for them. But afterwords, wearing any of the best car salesman shoes can be a good decision to serve this type of service properly.

Are dress shoes formal?

Ans: Most of the shoe experts prefer dress shoes as a formal shoes. Typically, a dress shoe is worn at some smart get-togethers or formal events.

Are dress shoes comfortable?

Ans: to be very honest, most of the dress shoes are stylish but lack of arch support. They can improve your outlook but don’t allow to wear for long time. There are some ways to improve the comfort level of dress shoes.


This blog is written in a organized way to find the best dress shoes for car salesman easily. We believe after reading this content, you’ll find the perfect shoe for you, which makes your working time enjoyable.

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