10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

Basically a rocker bottom is a special type of shoe that is thicker than the normal sole and has a rounded heel. Such type of shoe ensures that the user doesn’t have a flat foot along with the proximal.  

How To Look for The Best Rocker Shoes

The best rocker bottom shoes have certain criteria that should be presented. The shoe should be lightweight. So the upper portion and the midsole should be constructed with the soft and light material. Then it has to check out about the breathability of the shoe. Because without proper air circulation, the wearer gets his feet sweaty as well as smelly. Then look for the support, comfort, and durability of the shoe. Stability is also an important feature as rocker bottom shoe has curse bottom. So carefully choose your shoe. 

Features That Should Look for The Best Rocker Bottom Shoes 

Some important features are helped to find out the best rocker bottom shoes. If you are the first time purchasing rocker bottom shoes, you should look for some specific information about these types of shoes. In this portion of our writing, we would like to describe this part.


The soles of a shoe are the most important part when you are trying to get the best rocker bottom shoes. Because it takes the responsibility of providing stability to a wearer. The shape of the sole of a rocker bottom shoe is also important.  Because it meant to stabilize as well as prevent the movement of metatarsals. A good rocker bottom shoe has a smooth curve. 

For getting proper stability, the sole should be thick. It should be capable of shock absorption which keeps a wearer flexible in his way. It also ensures the stability of your movement if you feel uncomfortable when it is your first time.


The outsole of a rocker shoe should provide proper traction. A hiking shoe or running shoe should different type of outsole than normal shoes. Rubber is one of the most durable materials for building outsole. Rubber provides good traction on different surfaces. Rubber, synthetic rubber or hardened material are also good for rocker bottom outsole. 

Anyone you choose, keep in mind that your shoe should be stood up on the surface properly.


None but everybody wants a comfortable shoe for any kind of use. And when it is a rocker bottom shoe comfort is a must. First of all, some people feel uneasy when they use rocker bottom shoes for the first time. Another fact is it is very common to face unstable on the way if you don’t use rocker bottom shoes before. So before purchasing a rocker bottom shoe, you should ensure that you get the right amount of comfort while you are waking.

It is better to walk some steps to understand whether it is comfortable for you or not.  


Midsole gets more functional importance in finding the best rocker bottom shoe. It has one or multiple layers but takes the responsibility of providing comfort. The midsole offers stability to your metatarsal area. Some shoes provide less flexibility to maintain the level of stability. People who have bad foot pain like plantar fasciitis, neuroma fibroma, etc. also need a soft and firm midsole. So don’t forget about the midsole and the material it constructed by getting the best pair of shoes.

Benefits of The Best Rocker Bottom Shoes 

If you have just purchased rocker bottom shoes, you might not know what is the benefits of using such type of shoe. Basically rocker bottom shoes are specially built for different types of sports and workouts. When you using such type of shoes, you will certainly understand why they are different and supportive of sports. For the very first time, it may uncomfortable or uneasy to use. But after a while, it will be the most supportive shoe.