Best Running Shoes for Sprinters

10 Best Running Shoes for Sprinters 2024

The best running shoes for sprinters should be highly comfortable and capable of giving you durability to running. Wearing a quality sprinter shoe is a good idea to keep you fit for running on different surfaces.

After considering some expert’s and performer’s suggestions, we made this shoes list to get the right pair of shoes within a short time for your running.

10 Best Running Shoes for Sprinters

ProductMaterialSoleBuy Now
ASICS Men’s Hypersprint 5-MSyntheticRubberCheck Price
PUMA Men’s Evospeed Star V4 SneakerMeshSyntheticCheck Price
Adidas Adizero MD 2 Running ShoeTextileRubberCheck Price
ASICS Men’s Throw Pro Track ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Adidas Men’s Distancestar Track ShoeFabricSyntheticCheck Price
Saucony Women’s Spitfire 2 Track ShoeManmadeSyntheticCheck Price
PUMA Women’s TFX Sprint V4ManmadeSyntheticCheck Price

1. ASICS Men’s Hypersprint 5 Running Shoe

This ASICS Men’s Hypersprint 5-M shoe comes up with superior stability, lightweight and breathable construction, and an excellent way of bouncing. All the features provide a runner to getting a comfortable running experience.

Making with 100% synthetic material, this running sprinter shoe features a durable rubber sole. Its outsole is also made with rubber.

Due to the sufficient elasticity of rubber material, it provides you an amazing grip. For all types of surfaces, you will find this racing shoe protected which is very necessary for a runner.

Besides, this shoe is true to size. Its synthetic leather or mesh upper allows proper air circulation to keep you cool and calm. For spikes, track, or field events, you will get this shoe enough support and comfort. You also get a heel pad so that the heel support of your foot is adequate.

Things We Like
  • Provides superior stability with lightweight comfort
  • Synthetic construction makes it durable
  • The rubber sole and outsole features rigid support
  • The affordable item for spikes, track or field
  • Excellent supported for all types of runners
Things We Don't Like
  • Colors are limited
  • Sizing varies

2. PUMA Men’s Evospeed Star V4 Sneaker

This sprinter shoe is an ideal option for those who are just started sprint running. The entry-level track runners will find this shoe cushy and soft. On the other hand, these running shoes offer enough versatility to use in other track activities also.

This PUMA Evospeed sneaker is made of 100% mesh upper. Therefore, it is very light to carry which is a key feature to become a supportive sprinter running shoe.

It features a synthetic sole. This running shoe is a little heavier but still, it offers plenty of lightweight for helping in improving your performance.

This shoe is a too budget-friendly shoe. There are two types of color options and half sizes are available for this shoe.

Things We Like
  • Made of 100% mesh upper
  • Ideal for entry-level runners
  • Construct from a synthetic material
  • Allows lightweight movement to improve performance
  • Comfortable and versatile for other activities of Form
Things We Don't Like
  • Might run large
  • Sizing

3. Adidas Performance Adizero MD 2 Running Shoe

In case you are searching for the best shoes for sprinting on a track, this extra cushioning shoe consists of quality features. This shoe from Adidas is too much suitable for those who are high performers either on concrete grass or on the street.

Making with 100 percent textile and synthetic upper, you will find a better running experience. The seamlessly bonded SPRINTWEB of this shoe gives a breathable as well as lightweight support.

The manufacture adds a Pebax plate for the ultimate energy return of the wearers. For more support and durability, it comes up with a molded six-spike outsole. It is too strong and keeps your foot supportive.

As runners need high-level ankle support, it features memory foam material at the heel portion. Additionally, it has a perfect ankle base. If you are suffering from serious foot pain or excess over-pronation, it allows you to enjoy maximum comfort.

Along with the removable insole it also designs to allow orthotics for sensitive feet. These running shoes are more comfortable for long time use. So, we suggest using it for long-distance running.

Things We Like
  • 100% Textile or synthetic material, mesh upper
  • Made with seamlessly bonded SPRINTWEB
  • Gives breathable as well as lightweight support
  • For energy return and durability features Pebax plate
  • Features molded six-spike outsole
Things We Don't Like
  • Stiff for a long time
  • Lack of breathability

4. ASICS Men’s Throw Pro-M Track Shoe

In case you want to purchase a spiked shoe, at the same time want to use it while you are training, you should pick these shoes. The structure of the shoe is perfect for improving bounce-back which leads to moving quickly.

As a runner, to be very fast on his step is very important.  This shoe help to control your motion is easy to use and clean also.

This shoe is constructed with a 100 percent synthetic leather upper. The leather is a unique leather named RhynoSkin synthetic leather. The SpevaFoam Midsole Material helps to improve bounce-back characteristics.

Thus, a runner from the entry-level to top-performer will find this shoe perfect. It also decreases midsole breakdown which enhances your mobility.

As the upper of the shoe is abrasion and tear-resistant synthetic leather, it offers increased upper durability. But the price of the shoe is quite high compare with the other running shoes. But the structure of it allows you to move faster and smoother.

There is an adjustable instep strap in this shoe. So, the fitting seems very close to your size. You will enjoy your riding while you are running on hard surfaces.

Things We Like
  • Synthetic leather upper, easy to clean.
  • Construct with SpevaFoam midsole material
  • Helps to Improve bounce back capability
  • Able to decrease midsole breakdown chances
  • Abrasion and tear-resistant synthetic leather increases durability
Things We Don't Like
  • Expensive
  • Not so versatile

5. Adidas Men’s Distancestar Track Shoe

This track shoe can be the ultimate solution for sprinter runners. Making with synthetic and mesh upper, these best running shoes for sprinters lock your foot right in comfort.

Featuring a synthetic sole and synthetic heel, this footwear is very compatible while you are running around the bend. Its weight is 6 ounces. For rigid and firm support, there is a lightweight TPU plate outsole. This outsole keeps the runners stable and provides liberal support.

The shoe also holds proper breathability due to it is made of mesh upper. Its seamless toe cap helps to add additional durability as well as protection. More amazingly, the synthetic heel locks your foot down. The soft EVA midsole delivers lightweight cushioning in your every step.

Some customers said that it is felt a little bit heavy if you wear it for a long time. And the sizing options are limited to this edition. It is a problem if you need half-sizing shoes.

Things We Like
  • Synthetic sole, mesh upper for breathability
  • Keep protective with a lightweight TPU plate outsole
  • Seamless toe cap increases durability and protection
  • Synthetic heel locks your foot down when running
  • Soft EVA midsole delivers lightweight cushioning
Things We Don't Like
  • Bit heavy
  • Size may limit

6. Saucony Women’s Spitfire 2 Track Shoe

To purchase the women’s sprint running shoes, you can check out the Saucony brand. This women running shoe is 100% manmade. The manufacturer designs it to introduce a sleek and elegant sprinter shoe to the racing world.

Along with a seven-pin spike plate, it holds your feet right in the place where you want to stand.

The weight of this shoe is just six ounces. You can realize how lightweight the shoe is! It features a breathable mesh upper. It allows sweat-free and odor-free movement.

The synthetic overlays are added for a secure fit. To give more extension in fitting, there is a hook-and-loop strap. It provides you a stable lockdown.

There is a contoured heel cup inside the shoe. It gifts you some additional comfort. Along with the XT-LITE outsole, it can create a reliable grip on various types of surfaces.  This shoe offers great support to wear at numerous events.

Things We Like
  • Features seven-pin spike plate
  • Sleek and supportive sprinter shoe
  • Contoured heel cup inside offers additional comfort
  • The XT-LITE outsole provides a reliable grip on all surfaces
  • A great shoe to wear in numerous options
Things We Don't Like
  • Not good for wide feet
  • May run small

7. PUMA Women’s TFX Sprint V4 Running Shoe

This pair of Puma is one of the most vibrant shoes on our list. The shoe is very lightweight. It is only 5.3 ounces in weight. This 100% manmade shoe comes with a rigid synthetic sole along with a striped track spike.

Thus, it offers a better sprinter running experience. It is specially designed for sprinting and hurdling at the same time.

This track spike shoe features a lightweight Pebax outsole. The outsole is made with an eight-pin spike plate. So, you can realize how much grip you can get through these running shoes. And for a sprinter runner, the grip is the most necessary feature. The grip of these shoes is superior for multiple events also.

But the shoe has only two styles. The sizing seems to be run a bit small. You can get this quality pair of sprinter shoes at such a reasonable price.

Things We Like
  • A reasonable shoe with amazing features
  • Offers outstanding grip on many surfaces
  • Striped track spike with callouts on sides and counter
  • Specially designed for sprinting and hurdling
  • Features lightweight Pebax outsole with ultimate flexibility
Things We Don't Like
  • Only two colors available
  • Size varies

8. Reebok Women’s Twistform Blaze 3.0 Mtm Running Shoe

Are you seeking the best shoes for sprinting on the street or road? This pair of running shoes might be perfect for you. This shoe from Reebok named Reebok Women’s Twistform Blaze 3 is constructed with a versatile design and quality features that ensure a stable and safe running experience.

With its 100% synthetic material, rubber sole, and outsole, its grip and traction are optimal. The seamless mesh upper allows adequate airflow. So, while you are running, you might face a comfortable and sweat-free environment.

The low-cut design adds extra mobility to a runner. It also keeps your foot away from pain and providing protection. The midsole of it is a foam compound midsole.

This type of midsole is too soft and goes amazing with any type of running competition. A twist from tooling on the upper enhances the breathability of the shoe.

These running shoes for sprinter runners are ideal for training also. Hence, they have no spikes, it seems supportive and similar to run easily. As they are very lightweight, you will not feel tired.

Additionally, there are a lot of colors and sizes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about whether you can pick your favorite color or required size.

Things We Like
  • 100% synthetic shoe with a seamless mesh upper
  • Low-cut design offers protection from injuries
  • Features a super cushioned foam compound midsole
  • Comes with twist form tooling on upper
  • Rubber outsole keeps your movement easy and stable
Things We Don't Like
  • The insole may not much soft
  • Not so durable

9. ASICS Women’s Torrance Running Shoe

For being a high-performance runner or good trainer, you need the right pair of shoes. These running shoes allow smooth riding on any type of surface. They offer neutral pronation.

So, all types of runners can use it. They can use it on their race day or just for their regular training day.

This shoe consists of a combination of fabric and synthetic elements. For everyday style and comfort, this sneaker features more things. They are easy to put on and put off as they have a lacing system. It carries lace-up closure.

This running-inspired sneaker features a breathable textile and synthetic upper. You will enjoy optimum airflow. The pull loop at the heel takes responsibility for delivering sufficient heel support.

It will help to prevent various types of foot and heel pain. The shoe also features a breathable fabric lining to offer the runners a great in-shoe feel.

There is a molded textile insole, a lightweight foam midsole to ensure the interior comfort of users. There have lots of color and size options to choose from. The only thing you may consider is that the shoelaces are slightly flimsy.

Things We Like
  • Torrance running-inspired sneaker
  • Made of breathable textile with synthetic upper materials
  • Features lace-up closure and pull loop at the heel.
  • Breathable fabric lining creates a great in-shoe feel
  • Molded textile insole and lightweight foam midsole
Things We Don't Like
  • Bit costly
  • Laces are flimsy

10. ALEADER Women’s Lightweight Mesh Sport Running Shoes

Finally, we have ALEADER Women’s running shoes. These sprinting shoes are versatile enough for wearing in different kinds of activities. Coming up with a rubber sole and double mesh upper, they allow an optimal level of breathability and enough durability.

They have a strong lace-up for a customized fit. They are capable of giving your foot full support when you are running or taking exercise. It will add extra comfort and protection to your feet.

Moreover, they feature cushioned insole with a breathable lining. They create amazing comfort for a fast movement. The hydro-grip outsole is an excellent feature of them. This type of outsole provides excellent traction and stability for running on all surfaces.

This shoe goes comfortably while you are walking barefooted. For a more natural walk, it is made with durable construction. Though it is a little bit heavy, you will get the right amount of support to run fast.

Things We Like
  • Double mesh upper allows us to breathe properly
  • 5 claws side design with strong lace-up
  • Gives full support by adding extra comfort
  • Comes with a cushioned insole with breathable lining
  • A hydro-grip outsole provides excellent traction and stability
Things We Don't Like
  • Heavy
  • Runs small

Criteria to look for selecting best sprinter running shoes

It seems that running shoes are the same as other shoes. But it is completely a wrong idea. Their structure and features are different than others. Here we give you some idea of which features that you should give importance to when you are purchasing running shoes for sprinters.


For being a good running shoe for the sprinter, the grip is very much important. As sprinter runners need more stability rather than other runners, sufficient grip will help them in many aspects.

Without the proper grip, a runner may face injuries by sudden falls. The shoes with more spikes are preferable as they provide extra grip.


Any kind of running shoe should be durable. It is very important because if it shoe goes down any time, the runner might get a bad injury. While running, the motion of the body is faster than the normal time.

So, the chances of injuries will increase. A shoe with perfect durability will minimize these chances a bit.


Last but not least, support isn’t going behind when it is the question of a running shoe. For any type of runner, more support will keep them fast on their way. As a result, it will help to make a good performance on the race day.

A strong outsole and footbed combine the support of a shoe. So, you should look for which material is used to make the footbed and the outsole of the shoe. Normally, synthetic and rubber outsole is strong.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How should sprinting shoes fit?

What are the best track shoes for sprinters?

The shoes with more grip, strong spikes, adequate durability, and optimal breathability are suitable for sprinters.  Reebok Men’s CROSSFIT Nano 2.0, ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5, and Adidas Men’s Adizero Boston 6 are the top-picked shoes of the market.

What are the best running shoes for running sprints?

Different persons have different requirements and choices. But in the case of sprint spikes, the needs are going to be the same.

Racing flats and training shoes are suits perfectly with any kind of printer runner. These types of footwear provide liberal support and comfort to run flexibly.

You might pick ASICS Men’s Hypersprint 5-M or PUMA Men’s Evospeed Star V4 Sneaker, as they are very much supportive of sprinter runners.

What are the best sprint shoes without spikes?

There are some sprinting shoes which are come without spikes. You also find them flexible for running.

Altra One 2.5, Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2, and Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo 2 are the most comfortable sprint shoes without spikes.

What are the best running shoes for track and field?

For running, the necessary features are the same. But depending on the surfaces, some shoes might be different.

The running shoes for track and field can be added such as Nike Zoom Superfly Elite, New Balance Vazee, or Adidas Adizero MD 2. Most of the experts suggest these shoes as their first choice.


The best running shoes for sprinters provide a runner with exact support and flexibility for making a good performance. To lead the track, you should be very careful about all the things.

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