Best Shoes For Physician Assistant In 2024

Medical assistant or physician assistant is such a profession that is directly connected to mass people. While you are working, most of the time you have to be very busy dealing with them in very unfavorable conditions. Wearing the best shoes for physician assistants can keep you comfortable in such types of working stuff.

You can wear any type of shoe while you are serving your patients. Though you might think a shoe isn’t that important for your task, it’s very essential actually. There is a proverb that says to keep strategic on your task, and you are halfway there. I think picking a shoe with an attractive outlook and luxurious comfort can enhance your confidence.

Before starting, we make it clear that the shoe we choose is mostly recommended for its quality, support, outlook, and most importantly for its budget. Some of my friends and relatives also used them and recommend them. They have found them comfortable and lucrative. So hopefully, you’ll find this writing beneficial. Let’s start!

What shoes do medical assistants wear

Experts suggest wearing a closed-toe shoe for a medical assistant. Typically, a shoe with maximum cushioning, excellent grip, and enhanced breathability should be worn by a medical assistant. These types of shoes can be good to stand in for a long time. The more light the shoe is, the more you have the ability to stand in and provide your services.

What type of shoes should you wear as a healthcare provider

Some of the renowned medical personnel suggest that: Gales Shoes, New Balance 996 Unisex, or Asics shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes. But in a nutshell, shoes with adequate support, long-lasting durability, and comfy at the same time protected shoes are highly recommended for a healthcare provider.

Due to their excessive work pressure and sudden patient dealing, they should be ready in no time. These types of shoes will allow them to be quick and confident while they treat their patient.

What shoes are recommended by doctors

Basically, doctors recommend no brands to wear for any profession. They recommend the qualities that a shoe should own. But some of them might recommend Hokas, Clogs, Brooks, and On Cloud as their top choice brand. These brands might be their own choice. But you find many shoes belonging to these brands in the market. Some of them are so trendy and luxurious, by the way.

                  Best Shoes For Physician Assistants

 1. Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Original Non-Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

We start with a shoe that is a high-rating shoe and considered one of the best shoes for physicians. More interestingly, it is specially designed for those who have sore feet, bad arches, or severe plantar fasciitis. The comfort and flexibility of it is the key feature, that’s the reason why people like it most.

Having as usual rubber sole, Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Original creates a slip-resistant walking experience. This bold sneaker combines a supportive sole unit to maintain body weight properly. Its air-circulation capacity of it is excellent, with its breathable mesh lining.

Its toe is roomier and comfortable for wearing for long periods. Made with breathable knitted products and memory foam, you might get these shoes as one of the best shoes for physicians.


  • the supportive sole unit makes it bold, sturdy, and responsive
  • proper air circulation is ensured by the breathable mesh lining
  • Non-marking outsole keeps you stable while you are exercising
  • Soft memory foam delivers excellent cozy movement
  • Constructed with the most innovative technology


  • Some say the insole may need more cushion
  • Sizing problems sometimes occur

2. ON Men’s Cloud Sneakers

ON Men’s Cloud Sneakers will be a great option for those who like round-toe shoes. Typically, some people don’t like a round toe. But they provide enough space for your toes so that you can enjoy ample cushioning. The fabric of the shoe is mesh. Undoubtedly, shoes with mesh uppers are breathable.

Furthermore, the manufacturer uses a rubber sole that is slip-resistant for any ground. It also reduces foot pressure while it helps to spread the body weight over the shoe. It is lightweight too. As light materials are used to build it, it is very light overall.

Most healthcare shoes have the right amount of protection as they raise high demand. With an adjustable lace-up closure, you will also enjoy a customized fit. You will enjoy your service time while wearing it without a hard feeling.

Nevertheless, the price is highly expensive to afford. On the other hand, it seems narrow for those who have wide feet. So, think about these before buying it.


  • Rubber sole keeps you stable and protective
  • Lightweight for walking a long hour
  • breathable to carry and flexible to wear
  • Lace-up closure ensures an adjustable fit
  • Round toe allows your toe a roomier fit


  • too much pricy
  • narrow for some width feet

3. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Brooks shoes are very popular for sport shoe as they provide an extreme level of support through their shoe. These running shoes combine impressive transition support with high engineering comfort. If you want a reliable shoe with smooth movement, we recommend you this one.

Amazingly, this shoe is certified as a PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe. So, whether you have an acute foot problem or not, you’ll enjoy its quality. Additionally, it owns the APMA Seal. So, think about how much effort is given to design it for its betterment.

However, this soft and balanced shoe is too much expensive. You need 159 dollars to have it. But we think after using this shoe, you think it is worth the money actually.


  • a reliable shoe with improved softness
  • APMA seal ensures its high-quality
  • High energizing cushioning ideals for excessive movement
  • Excellent combination of BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning
  • Responsive and durability yet light to wear all the day


  • Very very expensive
  • A bit heavy

 4. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Bondi 7 Running Shoe

Now we review the most expensive shoe on our list. Its price starts from 197 dollars. Huge amount of money, but actually, the quality is worth it. Howsoever, we suggest skipping the shoe that has a budget limit. Let’s start the description of it.

HOKA HOKA ONE is designed with a breathable engineered textile upper. Mixed with mesh material, this shoe becomes so sturdy and soft. At the same time, it features seamless synthetic overlays. To reduce foot fatigue, it has an air-circulated textile lining. It helps to illuminate shock absorption too.

Featuring foam padded soft insole, durable Eva midsole, and rubber inserts, these shoes are an excellent combination of comfort, support, and traction. They are snug but still very costly. You might think twice to buy it if you have a shortage of money right at this moment.


  • Made with breathable and soft engineered textile upper
  • seamless synthetic overlays are superior for wet surface
  • a friction-free shoe with solid and rigid support
  • brings your feet extra comfort with foam padded insole
  • Durable EVA midsole and synthetic sole combine grip and softness


  • Need a lot of money to buy
  • Heavyweight shoe

 5. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe

These nursing assistant shoes are made of 100% pure leather. This Skechers shoe features a slip-resistant outsole, which is tested with the ASTM F1677-200 testing standard. The outsoles of these shoes fulfill all the requirements of the testing standard. Enjoying practical comfort, you are ready for any task in your working time.

The low-cut design of the shoe offers a snug yet perfect fit. A generous fitting helps to accommodate your feet exactly. A traditional lace-up closure also offers a customized fit. A combination of a soft and padded tongue adds extra protection and support.

Due to keeping a nurse sweat-free, it has a ventilated lining too. Though the shoe is only black in color, you’ll like its features of it. But the thing is, it needs some break-in time to adjust to your fit perfectly. Try to use it for the first couple of days before going on any long trip.


  • Memory foam insole keeps you in amazing comfort
  • Shock-absorbing midsole reduces foot fatigue
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole decreases slippery accident
  • Air circulation is adequate with ventilated lining
  • A tested shoe to improve natural foot cycle


  • Only black
  • May need break-in time

 6. New Balance Women’s Sneaker

New Balance is a world-class footwear brand, and New Balance Women’s Sneaker is one of their top-rated shoes. Introducing a performance fit, it is incredibly lightweight, cushy, and a day-long wear shoe. The company itself recommends buying a half size bigger than your regular size so that you can get the right fit.

This women’s sneaker has a REVlite midsole. It will be continuously delivering lightweight cushioning when you put on the shoe. These best shoes for physician assistants can offer you a responsive ride. Therefore, you might be liked it for your regular wear.

Offering 19 colors available, these shoes will highly recommend to those who like flat shoes for any time wearing.


  • has a REVlite midsole for incredibly lightweight comfort
  • continues a responsive ride even for day-long wear
  • sleek in design and rigid in support
  • a contemporary bootie design gives you a stylish look
  • synthetic with mesh material keep you light when you move


  • Too flat
  • Memory foam should be more cushioned

 7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 8 Running Shoes

Some of my friends use this shoe for a long time, and they give positive feedback about it. So I recommend it as it has good quality. This Asics shoe has 25 color options and all of them are too much classy. Preparing with 100% synthetic material, this shoe is very durable, even on wet surfaces.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 8 has been designed using GEL Technology. This technology is very user-friendly. It combines optimal cushioning with excellent shock absorption. A re-engineered outsole hugs your leg with proper grip. Sequentially, it allows you to enjoy off-road traction.

Additionally, to protect your forefoot, a reduced amount of overlays are available. But the thing is, some customers claim that it is suitable for width feet. And someone says the shoelaces of this product should be improved, like its durability and length. You can give it a try with these medical assistant shoes.


  • 25 color options with attractive and classy design
  • Constructs with GEL Technology that handle shock
  • Re-engineered outsole springe your foot for off-road support
  • The optimal amount of support around the foot
  • Shock maintenance properties are awesome


  • Supposed to be fit for width fit
  • Shoelaces should be improved in quality

 8. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Now we take a shoe from Dansko. Yes, the most attractive women’s shoe brand. Amazingly this shoe has 93 varieties of designs with 50 attractive colors. Isn’t it so appealing? I think so.

However, not only its design and color but also the quality and support of it also attract you to purchase it. It has a polyurethane sole. It makes the shoe more durable. Exceptional arch support will remain your feet right on your way. While you are in a serious patient-handling situation, it keeps you balanced and stable.

The rocker bottom of it helps to minimize foot fatigue if you have. Compared with other athletic shoe, it has excellent shock absorption capacity. By the way, all you need is a good amount of money to buy it. And some experts say that some portion of the shoe is lack arch support.


  • 100% leather shoe with breathable and lightweight stability
  • Polyurethane sole is too much strong and responsive
  • Heat can be reduced by PU foam footbed
  • Rocker’s bottom lessens foot pain and shock absorption
  • Perfect footwear for those who want day-long support


  • highly expensive
  • may lack arch support

 9. Hawkwell Pro Leather Nurse Clogs for Women

Some shoes are specially designed as nursing assistant shoes. Hawkwell Pro Leather This one is such a type of shoe. The brand might be less popular than others, but the features it owns are too user-friendly. It has an attractive outlook that always keeps you ready to go anywhere, anytime.

It has stain-resistant leather so that users can easily wash it off. So, this is very handy for regular use, even during the rainy season. It comes with a dual side goring. It offers a custom fit along with flexibility. The toe box is wide enough to provide a roomier fit.

As most medical personnel work long shifts, I think they find the shoe comfortable with an elegant look. However, they might be a little bit weighty if they get wet. So, try to keep it dry.


  • removable bamboo fiber is used to make the orthotic footbed
  • features a deep heel cup to enhance foot alignment and cycle
  • excellent arch support with moisture-wicking capacity
  • rubber outsole is slip and abrasion-resistant
  • excellent grip on dry, wet even oily surface


  • Sole might be improved more
  • bit heavy while they get wet

 10. Clarks Women’s Step Glow Slip Loafer Flat

Clarks Women’s Step Glow Slip Loafer Flat can be the best who want a flat formal shoe. It is so colorful, with multiple color options. You can pick a couple of pairs matching your outfits. The crafted textile upper go perfectly with any formal or casual attire.

This Clarks shoe is very comfortable and cute. Most women like it for its look rather than its other comfortable features. A lightweight Eva midsole of it takes care of your soft and easy movement. A durable outsole enhances your grip and flexibility while working.

These healthcare shoes women’s also feature a removable and unique OrthoLite footbed, which can remain your feet cushioned even if you have bad foot pain. But the thing is, it doesn’t go perfectly for chubby feet. We suggest avoiding it for them.


  • Clark special cloud shoe
  • Comes with a removable OrthoLite footbed for ultimate support
  • cushion and soft technology used to design it
  • amazingly lightweight for wearing long hour
  • Flexible along with durable EVA outsole hugs your fit properly


  • Not for chubby feet
  • Not so durable

 Criteria to buy best shoes for physician assistants

Now, we help you introduce the most vital feature that a nurse shoe should have. You can be quick if you search for them at the first glance.


As a physician assistant spends most of his time giving treatment or helping a doctor, he should be comfortable in both dress and footwear. Wearing a shoe with little hurt can make his day worse, which tends to deteriorate his service. So, try to choose a shoe with maximum comfort.


A heavyweight shoe can create foot pain if you are in a long time duty. And for physician assistants, it’s very normal to work overnight. Shoes made with leather are light yet snug for people. You can try out a leather shoe.


Outsole is very important for any kind of shoe. Because it bears the whole weight of your body. It should be strong yet flexible and, most importantly, shock-absorbant.


Actually, flexibility comes with the other features of a shoe. When you put in a light, comfy and supportive shoe, consequently it offers you the most flexible way to move.

Ankle support

For a nurse or medical assistant, ankle support is necessary. A shoe with the right amount of ankle support will create a stable way of movement.

Arch support

The Arch of your foot carries most of the Weight of your foot. So, a shoe having optimal arch support should be recommended for physician assistance. Healthcare personnel need to be busy with patient handling, providing service, and so on. Being capable of this task, they should be ready for any time.


Protection is a mandatory feature that every work shoe need. When it is a question of choosing a shoe for a physician assistant, it turns into a crying need.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the best shoes for a medical assistant?

Dansko Professional Clogs, Skechers D’Lites Memory Foam Sneakers, Yhoon Sock Slip-On Sneakers, and FIGS New Balance 327 Sneakers are considered the top shoes for a medical assistant. People like them most and give a huge rating on their quality and support.

2. What are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day?

Adidas Ultraboost 22 is preferred as one of the best shoes to help you stand for a long. Nike Invincible 3 can be considered one of the most comfortable shoes for walking all the daytime. Skechers Work Relaxed Fit is regarded as the best shoe for wearing on concrete.

3. How often should nurses replace shoes?

The experts recommend that after every 6 months, a nurse should replace her regular shoe. Because it helps to enhance foot comfort at the same time, it contributes a lot to minimizing foot pain.

4. What type of sneaker is best for nurses?

Sneakers having an APMA Seal is a good sign of their quality and comfort. But overall, breathable and flexible material with supportive arches is best for nurses. Additionally, slip-resistant outsoles and adequate cushioning should have in a nurse’s shoe.

5. What are the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis or heel pain?

Ans: Plantar fasciitis or heel pain can be a worse thing to happen to a nurse. Shoes with excellent softness and ample support should be their selection.  Clove Classic Nursing Shoe, Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Original, and ON Men’s Cloud Sneakers are some of the most comfortable shoes for nurses with severe foot pain.


Thousands of so-called ‘best shoes for physician assistants’ are available on the market. You have to be very smart and strategic to choose the right pair of shoes. We believe you will find our writing helpful. Let us know in the comment section. Happy shopping!

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