Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

10 Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Swelling in the feet and ankle is called Edema. There is a great percentage of the adult who is suffering from this bad foot problem. If you don’t know what is the best shoes for swollen feet. Through this article, you will get some shoe suggestions to support your swollen feet.

Why You Should Wear Shoes for Swollen Feet

For getting sufficient comfort, flexibility, and mobility with swollen feet, everyone should try out swollen feet shoes. They are very special and comfortable for them.

With a high profile and soft material, you will be able to move easily at any time in any place. We suggest using this type of shoe for reducing the possibility of developing other foot pain.

Benefits of Wearing Swollen Feet Shoes

Swollen feet shoes are specially designed for those who have Edema. Therefore, rather than any other shoes, swollen feet shoes offer the optimal support and comfort to keep feet safe. Keeping in mind that, most of the swollen feet shoes have straps or laces which give perfect adjustability. Moreover, they are soft and lightweight also.

10 Best Shoes for Swollen Feet 2024

NameMade ofSoleCheck Price
Clarks Women's Breeze Sea Flip-FlopSyntheticSynthetic RubberCheck Price
Cole Haan Original Grand Knit Wing Tip IiTextileSyntheticCheck Price
UGG Australia Mens Neumel BootLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
CROC Women's Classic Clog AdultsSyntheticSyntheticCheck Price
Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Walking ShoeTextileSyntheticCheck Price
Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Leather SandalSuedeSyntheticCheck Price
TOMS Mens Canvas Classics Slip-OnTextileRubberCheck Price

1. Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip Flop

When you are looking for shoes for swollen feet, Clarks is a brand that offers you special care in this aspect. With a large fit, this Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flop has provided the required cushion for swollen feet.

Due to cushion soft comfort technology, you will enjoy your daily life with this. This women’s shoe features Eva’s footbed. It takes responsibility for your supportive movement.

This carefree and casual sporty flip-flop is soft enough. It is very lightweight with its synthetic uppers. A fabric and fun printed footbed allows you to wear it for multiple purposes.

With Clark’s day-long experience, they crafted this shoe amazingly. Definitely, you will get this shoe comfortable.

Things We Like
  • Synthetic shoe features soft and lightweight movement
  • Comes with a fabric thong along with a fun printed footbed.
  • Heel height is 1.18 inches to keep yourself balanced
  • Craft with cushion soft comfort technology
  • Features a wide range of attractive quality and comfort
Things We Don't Like
  • Price is high as a flip-flop
  • Lack of design

2. Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Knit Wing TIP II Sneaker

This sneaker is a 100% textile shoe. Constructed with a synthetic sole, these comfortable shoes for swollen feet are made all over the knit upper. Unlike all other shoes, it is very rigid. It provides proper air circulation through the shoe.

This sneaker has an EVA midsole. There is also a rubber outsole. This midsole and outsole combine athletic-like support. The cushion with Cole Haan Zerogrand technology makes the shoe an ultimate option.

For any athletic vendor, this shoe continues better use.

Things We Like
  • Made with 100% textile upper
  • Features all-over knit upper and EVA midsole
  • Great for regular uses as it is light to use
  • Rubber outsole makes it rigid and stable
  • Cole Haan Zerogrand technology delivers ultimate comfort
Things We Don't Like
  • Expensive
  • Insufficient air flow

3. UGG Men’s Neumel Boot

Though UGG isn’t a well-known brand, some of its products are really worth great praise. With their user-friendly features and extra care, it will satisfy your demand. This UGG Boot is leather footwear. With their regular synthetic sole, it is very strong.

UGG Neumel Boot comes with Uggpure wool insoles. It is a unique feature of UGG. Since wool is used to make this shoe, it doesn’t allow it to be used in warm weather. The perfect use of this shoe is in winter. During summer, it may produce heavy sweat.

These shoes for swollen ankles and feet have an outsole which is a low profile, Eva. It will enhances your comfort.

Things We Like
  • UGG best-selling products, offering luxurious wool lining
  • Uggpure wool insole continues interior comfort
  • The outsole is a low profile EVA to creates adequate grip and comfort
  • Design with fully lined and soft uggpure wool
  • Can be worn as an indoor slipper or outdoor footwear with any outfit
Things We Don't Like
  • Need more care
  • Too much pricey

4. Crocs Classic Clog Water Comfortable Slip on Shoes

Searching for shoes for swollen ankles and feet? Crocs give you such a gift. Their shoes are very popular and some of them are best for swollen feet. This slip-on is a shoe for everyone. With a waterproof design and extreme durability, it can be a good option for you.

This slip-on is a lightweight shoe. It features lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort. There are some ventilation ports in this shoe. It helps to add breathability.

It also helps to shed water quickly. Though it is very comfortable outdoors, you can easily use it at home. This is one of the most comfortable shoes at an affordable price.

Things We Like
  • Stylish and classic clog for everyone
  • Comes lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort for any surfaces
  • Ventilation ports help to get proper breathability and sweat-free movement
  • Fits properly to fit, is easy to take on and off
  • Crocs pivoting heel straps offer a more secure fit.
Things We Don't Like
  • Looks plastic
  • Poor design

5. Skechers Women Go Joy Walking Shoe


If you look for swell feet shoes, it is a perfect shoe. This Skechers Women’s Go Walk is a textile shoe.

This walking shoe has a shaft that is measured approximately low to top from the arch. These shoes for feet that swell people can get better support are lightweight and flexible.

It is very fast with responsive 5Gen cushioning. Special Skechers Goga Max high rebound insoles make it amazing!

Things We Like
  • Lightweight and flexible, walking shoes for a swollen foot
  • Responsive 5Gen cushioning allows fast and frequent movement
  • Allows soft feeling with Skechers Goga Max high rebound insole
  • Features breathable mesh upper and soft fabric lining
  • Parametric cushioned 5Gen midsole includes extra comfort
Things We Don't Like
  • Outsole durability
  • Not for narrow feet

6. Vionic Tide II Black 8 M

Vionic Women’s Tide II Sandal is known as one of the comfortable shoes for feet that swell. It is a leather and synthetic shoe that offers better durability. Featuring EVA midsole and TPR outsole sole, it also helps to minimize your pain.

Tide II Toe Sandal has a dual-layer leather or suede upper. This thong-style sandal has proven heel safety. It effectively helps to alleviate heel pain. It allows an easy on and off. With a podiatrist-designed and biomechanical orthotic footbed, it will care for your heel cup.

Things We Like
  • Made with leather and synthetic material
  • EVA midsole and TPR outsole sole take care of inner and outer support
  • Comes with dual-layer leather or suede uppers for maximum comfort
  • Features proved effective heel support to minimize pain
  • Thong style of it helps for an easy-on and easy-off
Things We Don't Like
  • Long dry time
  • Hard arch support

7. SNUGRUGS Men’s Suede Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers

This slipper with Soft Sole may be a less-known shoe. But it is a great shoe for swollen feet. As it is made with A-grade suede Wool, it becomes a soft and lightweight slipper. The suede sole also gives perfect mobility and traction.

As most of the swollen feet are sweat-prone, this shoe can give optimal air flow. But additionally, it is fully lined with genuine 100% Sheepskin Wool. That’s why sometimes it holds heat for more time which keeps you dry and warm.

For that reason, winter is the best time to use it. These shoes for swelling feet can be a good occasional shoes also.

Things We Like
  • Made of A-Grade Suede Wool to creates a soft feeling
  • Suede sole with suede upper allows the proper amount of air circulation
  • Fully Lined with genuine 100% sheepskin wool make it light
  • It is beautifully warm as well as luxurious
  • The perfect shoe for swollen feet
Things We Don't Like
  • Hot during summer
  • Laces may easily loose

8. Hush Puppies Men’s Gil loafers shoes

Hush Puppies shoes are other shoes for swelling feet. It is a leather shoe featuring a rubber sole. With its durable rubber outsole, it can absorb the impact of your movement. Thus, it helps to get relief from foot pressure. It is very light and comfortable for daily use.

They feature a lightweight Elon midsole. Also features a removable contoured insole. They offer soft cushioning in your regular movement. The soft leather upper ensures your foot’s breathability.

It helps to eliminate the break-in period too. Without socks, it is also very much comfy. Make a try with this shoe.

Things We Like
  • Features durable rubber outsole to absorb impact and foot pressure
  • Crafted with lightweight Elon midsole and contoured insole
  • Soft leather upper helps to eliminate pain and break-in period.
  • Comes with leather upper and polyester upper lining
  • Rubber blended rubber outsole provides great support while moving
Things We Don't Like
  • May face sweat
  • Size varies

9. BIRKENSTOCK Arizona (Unisex) Taupe Suede Sandal

When it comes to a matter of sandals, Birkenstock is on the top. It is one of the most famous brands in this industry. Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandal is a soft and flexible shoe for any surface. Made with soft and flexible leather, it goes perfectly with a light surface nap.

These good shoes for swollen feet come with contoured cork footbeds. It confirms your right foot shape. Coming with pronounced arch support, it also features a roomy toe box.

Things We Like
  • Suede, soft and flexible leather is perfect for light surface nap
  • Contoured cork footbed offers the perfect shape of your foot
  • Pronounced arch support comes with a deep heel cup
  • A roomy toe box lined with suede ensures flexibility
  • Lightweight EVA sole adds cushioning along with shock absorption
Things We Don't Like
  • Costly
  • Lack of support

10. TOMS Men’s Classic Canvas Slip-On

They are also good shoes for swollen feet. This pair of shoes is stylish and colorful. For traveling, it will keep you safe and comfortable when walking.

These classic shoes are designed for laid-back comfort while you are moving. The canvas upper of the shoe comes with classic toe stitch detailing. The elastic v-panel makes it waterproof and also allows it easy on and off. The breathable textile lining makes it breathable too.

Things We Like
  • A simple but supportive shoe for traveling
  • Designed for laid-back comfort while you are moving
  • Made with canvas upper with classic toe stitch detailing
  • Elastic V-panel allows easy on and off capability
Things We Don't Like
  • Not so durable
  • Runs large

Features That Help To Evaluate The Best Swollen Feet Shoe

The features that are associated with choosing the best-swollen feet shoes are described below. Read them carefully.


The most important thing to get the best shoes for swollen feet is comfort. The size of a shoe indicates how easily and comfortably you wear a shoe. But the most important thing is which material is used for building the shoe.

The soft and cushioned material offers you flexible and easy movement. Leather is the most comfortable material which can be used for swollen feet shoes. It is very popular also. So it’s a better idea to choose a shoe leather shoe.

A leather shoe is durable and comes with different supportive properties. Canvas is another excellent choice for a swollen shoe. It is lighter than leather. It is more durable than leather also.


The second thing that you should look for is comfort. Though the material indicates how much comfortable the shoe is, there are more things that you have to remember.

Perfect sizing, soft and cushioned insole, flexible material, breathable upper make a shoe comfortable. The heel and tongue portion of a shoe takes a vital role in swollen feet. This portion should be flexible, smooth, and foamy.


As people who have large feet face a great problem in finding the right pair of shoes, the best shoes for swollen feet offer good adjustability. Laces, straps, and closures help to get proper adjustability.

When you are suffering from swelling, you have looked at the way which gives you easily put on and put off. If you don’t get the flexibility of customizing the shoe, you will face some problems with your swollen feet.


Last but not least, fitting a shoe is also necessary for those who have edema. When you are looking for an edema shoe, you should be aware of some designs that will give you a bad experience. Models with a high profile can work great for swollen feet.

The toe box and the metatarsal area should be roomy enough for movement and more breathability. If you wear the shoe before purchasing, you will get the right pair of shoes for you. Otherwise, check out the sizing chart of the shoe.

What Do You Wear When Your Feet Are Swollen?

To minimize the swelling from the foot, you can follow some instructions with some special care. You can wear a compression bandage on your foot or ankle. You can use ice packs.

To reduce pain, you can wrap a pillow on your foot or ankle. But if you have a severe problem, consult with a doctor immediately.

How Can I Reduce the Swelling in My Feet?

To reduce your swelling feet you can soak your feet in cool water or use an ice pack. You should drink plenty of water. Wear a special shoe built for swollen feet. You can get help from our list. Take proper rest after exercise or frequent movement.

Can Shoes Cause Your Feet to Swell?

The reduction of blood flow triggers your feet to become swollen feet. Besides, tight shoes are also a cause of swollen feet. Therefore, if your shoes fit tight and produce problems in blood flow, it can cause your feet to swell.

Are Crocs Good for Swollen Feet?

Sandals from Crocs are very appealing and good for their friendly shoes. Their thin T-strap style will make you light as you feel that you go on barefoot. Their foam footbed provides plenty of support and cushion.

Crocs Classic Clog|Comfortable Slip on Casual Water Shoe is a great shoe for swollen feet.


By using some special and supportive shoes, you can reduce your problem of swollen feet. And it is a great chance to easily get rid of this bad condition of the foot. So, pick the perfect pair of shoes from our list of the best shoes for swollen feet and keep you away from anxiety.

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