Top 10 Best Shoes for Aching Legs in 2024

Aching legs is a common syndrome if you are doing lots of exercises or doing a job that needs standing all day. To keep you away from bad foot pain, wearing the best shoes for aching legs can be a wise idea.

Before purchasing a shoe, you might be interested in which shoes are comfortable and have the ability to provide you with the right amount of support. Here we combine the top 10 shoes for aching legs with a clear and concise description.

Frankly speaking, there is no shoe that works for everyone for any specific reason. Therefore, it is necessary to know which features are essential to fulfill your demands for such a physical condition.

Which shoes are best for leg pain

For any kind of foot pain; soft, lightweight, shock-resistant as well as supportive shoes are best. But specifically, shoes that have cushion impacts, excellent arch support, shock-absorbance, natural all-around motion, and most importantly flexibility are best to treat leg pain. Regular use of such types of shoes can minimize your leg pain gradually and improve your natural foot cycle.

How do you relieve aching legs?

Take proper rest as much as you can. Try to do some specific foot exercises that lessen your pain. But don’t do it without an expert consultant. For quick healing, you can use ice 3/4 times a day. Gently massage your leg to circulate your blood properly through the painful area. Finally, with any physician’s suggestions you can take medicine when all the efforts fail to relieve your pain.

How do I choose the right shoes?

First of all, try to wear a shoe which is not so tight or not so loose. If your shoe hurts at the first trial, don’t buy it. Because if you have an aching leg, it will increase your pain day by day. Light, soft, and responsive shoes go with any person even, if they have bad foot pain or not.

                     10 Best Shoes For Aching Legs


Our overall best shoes for aching legs are HOKA ONE ONE Mach 4 Shoes. Its special construction is capable of reducing various types of foot pain. To maximize your support and flexibility, it comes with most of the features. The symmetrical cushioning bed of it gives you such a feeling like you don’t have anything on your feet.

It has a low-profile bed that keeps your feet near the ground. So you can get the utmost support. A firmer material is used to design its sole. Therefore, it delivers effective push-off movement. The profile midsole of it continues ultimate support while you are moving. Landing toe-off keeps your foot in ample amount of comfort.

On top of all, it features a meta rocker bottom to keep you balanced. Even with your leg pain, you’ll be responsive and easy to step on any type of surface.


  • Best for regular workouts or running time
  • Features an anatomical arch support design
  • Rubber Eva outsole ensures rigid strength
  • Delivers a sleek and pleasant ride
  • Breathable, responsive with propagated toe portion


  • need more space in the toes portion
  • too pricey

2. Skechers Men’s Gowalk Arch Fit-Athletic Workout Walking Shoe

If you are looking for a great shoe on budget and quality altogether, this Skechers Men’s Gowalk can be the right option. These shoes for leg pains are sports shoes that still have the quality and comfort to reduce foot pain.

This shoe is designed for those who have medium or extra feet or who want a roomier fit. This athletic shoe is designed with a mesh upper that is breathable and light. Therefore, it allows airflow properly. Thus, your feet will be sweat-free and smell-free.

The manufacturer claims that it is an air-cooled shoe with an additional arch fit. The arch support is certified as a podiatrist-designed insole to reduce your pain after a couple of months of usage.


  • A synthetic shoe with enhanced comfort and stability
  • Adjustable lace-up in the front for a perfect fit
  • A podiatrist-certified shoe offers excellent arch support
  • Cushioning properties help to wick moisture quickly
  • Multi-purpose shoe, easy to clean and wear


  • Heel padding should improve
  • Inadequate arch support for a long time

 3. KEEN Women’s NXIS EVO Waterproof Fast Packing Shoes Hiking

Now, we have a waterproof shoe on our list. A combined material of synthetic and mesh, it becomes too much durable, water-resistant, and strong for support. The breathable membrane upper of it helps to keep your foot dry in rainy weather.

Featuring a rubber outsole, it produces high traction on oily or muddy surfaces, even on rocky floors. A 4mm and multi-directional lugs remain your foot surely on the place you want to step. The ergonomic toe notch of it includes extra grip.

Allocating generous space, you will love this shoe and its feature, even though you have bad foot pain.


  • Made with waterproof and breathable membrane upper
  • rubber outsole locks your feet in high-traction and grip
  • safe and slip-resistance in muddy or rocky environments
  • Full-length stability shank with ergonomic toe notch
  • Creates dexterity for an improved and better balance


  • Rub sometimes
  • squeaks

 4. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker

This sneaker is a new series of Gowalk versions of Skechers. It is ultra-lightweight and has plenty of features that tend you love it. Sheckers gives their leading and upcoming innovation for constructing it that makes it a top choice for footwear lovers.

It combines ultra-lightweight comfort for going anywhere. High-rebound materials are used in the upper section. An air-cooled Goga Mat insole is a unique feature that safe your feet on harsh surfaces. You will enjoy a seamless cushion with its soft woven mesh upper.

The synthetic toe along with the heel panel includes maximum durability. Additionally, the dual-side elastic panels hug your foot as you want. These shoes can be your favorite pain relief shoes after a few days of usage.


  • Design with lightweight and responsive Ultra go cushioning
  • high-rebound pillars add ultimate comfort while walking
  • special Air Cooled Goga insole circulates air-flow properly
  • ample amount of comfort with soft woven mesh
  • very supportive for synthetic toe along with heel panel


  • Small in size
  • May have insufficient support

 5. FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for Men

FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes are made with fabric and synthetic material. A wide toe box and high-instep design add extra comfort to your regular walk. It is specially designed for wider foot people. That’s why people with different foot problems like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or hammer toes found it suitable.

It features a patented ‘PropelCore’ sole. It brings proper support and unconditioned cushioning to your everyday life. Gradually, it lessens your foot fatigue. Due to its premium quality and waterproof upper, you will love to wear it in dry and rainy seasons.

Most of the colors of it are eye soothing. You can pair it with any formal or casual outfit. Moreover, its non-slip outsole creates extra grip to keep you safe and secure. The thing that makes you happy is that it is a very budget-friendly shoe. So, have a look at its suppliers.


  • Wide toe box for intended room and flexible movement
  • Design to reduce various types of foot pain like plantar fasciitis
  • Come up with a unique Patented PropelCore Sole
  • Help to enhance the natural foot cycle by reducing foot fatigue.
  • A durable shoe made with long-lasting suede and mesh upper


  • Not slip-resistant
  • Not appropriate for a long time

 6. Men’s Slippers with Arch Support

This slipper is a skin-friendly shoe that you can buy for only 49 dollars. Compared with the other shoes on our list, it is very budget-friendly. This high-rating shoe features an anti-skid sole to keep you stable and balanced. You can use it indoors or outdoors.

These convenient shoes are fashionable and offer all-day comfort. Its orthotic insoles are biomechanically designed. The brand makes this shoe having painful feet in mind. While it has optimal arch support, it minimizes the stress developed by heel pain or aching leg.

In addition, these best shoes for aching legs have a deep heel cup that helps to get the right alignment to control your natural foot gait.


  • A very affordable shoe with skin-friendly protection
  • Features moisture-wicking properties and soft insoles
  • convenient slippers with fashionable fabric upper
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • orthotic insoles feature arch and heel support


  • Arch support is too high
  • Sole needs more padding

 7. Skechers Women’s Go Joy Walking Shoe Sneaker

Skechers Women’s Go Joy offers 30 attractive and stylish colors. All the colors are amazing in appearance and go with different outfits. Amazingly, the price range is very affordable. It starts from only 38 dollars. These Skechers shoes for leg pain are very responsive, by the way.

With its responsive 5Gen cushioning, people with aching legs will get relief and comfort. Their special Goga Max and high rebound insole enhance your comfort one step forward. At the same time, the breathable mesh upper controls your excessive sweat.

The soft fabric lining extends the padding of the shoe. So, literally, you will enjoy wearing it at your regular time. However, it is not so comfortable for winter. On a concrete floor, it might make a bit of noise. But on a normal surface, it will be ok.


  • Lightweight and flexible for reducing leg pain
  • Very responsive with 5Gen cushioning comfort
  • High rebound insole offers the utmost softness
  • Ultimate air flow with the breathable mesh upper
  • Parametric cushioned type special midsole eliminates leg pain


  • Not for winter
  • Might create noise

 8. JABASIC Women Comfortable Sandals Orthotic Walking Sandals

To minimize aching leg, arch support is very necessary. These JABASIC Women Comfortable Sandals are specially designed with enhancing arch support. Moreover, it is crafted with light and soft material. Overall it introduces a comfort zone for various foot problem sufferers.

The heel portion is very large. It helps to relieve your foot fatigue. Its adjustable hook straps secure your feet providing a customized fit. So sensitive feet will like it to wear for a long time. The arch section allocates extra support for the natural rolling motion.

Overall, this sandal helps sensitive feet to get a stress-free move. Hopefully, you’ll like the features of it. But it isn’t so stylish in look. So, we suggest skipping it when you go for a formal meeting.


  • crafted and designed with soft & breathable material
  • adjustable hook and loop straps provide a custom fit
  • specially designed for painful and sensitive feet.
  • wedge structure adds roomier heel sections
  • best for enjoying a natural foot-rolling motion


  • Not so stylish
  • Looks poor with some formal outfit

 9. STQ Women Lace Up Tennis Shoes

Here is a lightweight shoe that is too much preferable for walking or regular use. The outsole of STQ Women Lace Up Tennis Shoes is so flexible. It gives you a confidential movement with the second skin feeling. So relaxable and comfortable, though you are on your feet all day.

This shoe is very lightweight. You won’t bear extra weight, which worsens your foot condition. Offering a cooling and sweat-free environment, this shoe is suitable for workout time also. So users refer to them as arch fit work shoes because their moisture-wicking system remains you relaxed after your workout.

These shoes can be an ideal option for a hot sunny day or summer traveling time. But the problem is, it has a tendency to become large a bit. We suggest buying half size smaller than your regular one. And for too many supportive workouts, avoid this one. It suits best for regular day-out.


  • Made of a breathable and lightweight upper
  • The lace-up design offers an adjustable fit
  • Features a molded ultrasoft memory foam insole for arch support
  • lightweight, slip-resistant, and shock-absorbent shoe
  • good for any kind of workout, exercise, or game


  • Way to large
  • Need more arch support

 10. OrthoComfoot Women’s Slip-On Shoes

Finally, OrthoComfoot Women’s Silp On Shoes is on our recommendation. The high-quality canvas material makes it waterproof as well as a long-lasting product. At the same time, it takes care of your foot if you own sweaty feet. Because it features a moisture control lining. And the linings are skin-friendly.

The removal insoles bring extra comfort to leg pain sufferers. Its orthotic inserts cover up your feet with a top-notch feeling. You might feel a robust and flexible movement with its special arch support. Additionally, it is slip-resistant.

The wide forefoot gives relaxed feet. But this ultra-soft slipper needs more support in the heel portion. And some customers said that it runs a bit wide. So, if you allow such type of circumstances, you can try out this one.


  • Crafted with high-quality canvas material
  • Eva and rubber outsole combines optimal support
  • skin-friendly and moisture-wicking shoe
  • Adjustable closure design hugs your feet perfectly
  • The Orthotics inserts are very helpful in lessening foot pain


  • Runs wide
  • Lack of support

Criteria to buy best shoes for aching legs

Now we cover the most important criteria that should be looked for to find a better shoe for aching legs. You should keep in mind these features before buying a shoe for aching legs or any type of sensitive feet.


When you have an aching leg, comfort is the first need. No one should compromise with this feature if he or she has any type of foot pain. But actually, comfort is not one feature. It comes with all the features a shoe has. The shoe should be light, snug yet flexible, roomier, additional arch supportive, etc. The material should be light also as it can allow air circulation.

The midsole and insole play an important role here. Because your foot adjusts with them most of the time. So, the softer they are, the more comfortable you are while you are walking. The midsole and the insole should be soft as well. More padded midsole and insole are recommended for sensitive feet like aching legs, plantar fasciitis, plantar fibroma, etc.

Keep in mind that the shoe should be comfortable from the first time you wear it.


To remove or even minimize foot fatigue, breathability is also a very crucial feature. A shoe will allow proper airflow if the material of it is light. Leather material takes first place here. Shoes made of leather are super soft as well as breathable. The second option can be synthetic or canvas. They are lightweight but not as breathable as leather.


The Outsole of a shoe carries the total weight of you and delivers the support to walk straightly and comfortably. It gives the right alignment to improve your foot posture. During any type of foot pain, a flexible yet round-rolling outsole is preferable.


Flexibility is also very important for a sensitive foot. It gives the proper comfort to a user. Wearing a shoe, the more flexible the wearer is; the quicker he or she gets relief. Try to buy a bigger shoe. To pick half a size bigger is our suggestion, not more than that.

Ankle Support

Proper ankle support can reduce your foot pain and enhance your natural foot cycle. So, having aching legs, you should wear a shoe with additional ankle support. Shoes with a half or one-inch height will you more support than a flat one. But don’t exceed it, like 2/3 inchi heel. It will increase your foot pain gradually.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. How do I get rid of leg pain?

It depends on how much pain you have and how long. If you have normal leg pain caused by excessive workouts or something like that you just need rest. However, if you have acute foot pain introduced to some physical problem, you have to be very careful.

You should take proper rest. Elevate your leg for a certain time interval. You can use ice and massage the portion to get a quick solution. But for long-time pain, you should take medicine by consulting with a doctor.

 2. What causes aching legs?

The most common things are: doing excessive exercise without considering health conditions, sudden injuries in joints, muscles, or bones, and use of the wrong shoe. Your physical conditions also cause aching legs. Pain in lower Spain can also produce aching legs.

3. Can certain shoes cause leg pain?

Obviously. Wearing a shoe that is very tight or loose can develop leg pain. Shoes with insufficient support can create pressure on your feet, arch, ankles, or lower legs.

4. Do orthopedic shoes help with leg pain?

Yes. A good orthopedic shoe can minimize leg pain because it is designed with proper care and science, which helps to relieve pain. It can provide additional support.

5. What shoes will help with the back leg and foot pain when
standing on concrete all day?

Shoes with wide shoes can offer you full ground space. The broader and wider outsole can distribute your whole body weight over the shoe properly. Gradually, it will reduce your pressure on the back leg and foot pain if you are standing on concrete all day. Cariuma LWG Sneaker, Hoka Bondi 8, and Dansko XP 2.0 Clogs are some of our recommendations to release foot pain.


We hope this collaboration of the best shoes for aching legs in one place will greatly help you. Try to check out all the advantages and disadvantages of all the shoes, matches your concerns, and find the best pair for you. Give your feedback in the comment section. We would love to know about your shopping experience.

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