10 Best Shoes for Cerebral Palsy in 2024

Children with cerebral palsy need extra care. They should use specifically designed clothes, shoes, and other things. To enjoy life to the fullest, a supportive shoe can obstruct their lifestyle. Cerebral palsy shouldn’t be an obstacle to enjoying the happiness of childhood.

Finding an excellent shoe can make your kids interested to do various indoor and outdoor activities. At a certain time, they can overcome their complications. The best shoes for cerebral palsy mean added comfort, amazing support,  improved mobility, and sufficient confidence.

What shoes are good for cerebral palsy

If you pick a shoe, try to select a shoe that has a wide heel or square shape heeled. These types of shoes help to enhance stability and support while you are walking. But if you choose sandals, pick a closed-back shoe rather than a strap sandal. They provide adequate support when you are using an AFO or foot orthoses.

How Can the Correct Types of Shoes Help Children with Cerebral Palsy

Correct types of shoes can develop the foot condition of cerebral palsy. Because they provide the wearers enough support and sufficient cushion to get relief. A pair of shoes having inserts or soft paddings are designed to provide liberal stability and support. The tongue, ankle, arch, toes, and heel areas need more padding to reduce foot fatigue.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best shoes for Cerebral Palsy

Children who have cerebral palsy need exceptionally designed dresses, shoes as well as accessories. These things combinedly help to fulfill their requirements and improve their way of life. Special shoes can provide amazing support to lead a decent life even if they have some physical discomfort.

Cerebral palsy shouldn’t be a hindrance to enjoying life to the fullest. Wearing the perfect pair of shoes can give a better movement experience which takes your life one step closer to happiness. Here are some tips to choose the perfect shoe for cerebral palsy.

  • Pick a leather shoe that is soft and light
  • Choose extra paddings on the ankle, heel, and toe
  • Buy handy shoes for maximum comfort
  • Look for medical support and sufficient mobility

                                       Best Shoes For Cerebral Palsy

1. Memo Honos Orthopedic Corrective Ankle Brace Sandal

Best Shoes for Cerebral Palsy

Memo Honos Orthopedic Corrective Sandal is considered one of the best shoes for cerebral palsy. It’s some special features increase the possibility of improved foot condition if you have cerebral palsy. The diagnostic sole monitors your foot condition while the first two weeks you are using it. If it needs any correction, they offer the opportunity.

This sandal designs with Memo corrective insole that is very special. It is specifically constructed for children who have cerebral palsy, overpronation, heel pain, supination, or clubfoot. Its thermoplastic heel counter takes great care of the heel portion. Having the triple hook and loop closures provides an adjustable fit and keeps secured.

The high upper of it keeps your foot and ankle strong, yet flexible. All the support gives a positive influence on your child’s foot growth. Gradually it develops your posture and foot complications. Overall, you find the shoe very comfortable with your sensitive foot.


  • Comes with a diagnostic sole to monitor foot health
  • Highly comfortable for unique memo corrective insoles
  • Protects from unwanted accidents by having the thermoplastic heel counter
  • Adjustable fit with triple hook and loop closures
  • Assists to improve foot growth even have foot complications


  • Costly
  • Not so versatile in design

 2. Adidas Unisex-Child Terrex Snow Cf Cp Cw Boot

Now, we have a unisex shoe that is very comfortable as well as handy for cold and rainy seasons. Your kids can have an adventure while they are playing. The most interesting thing is, you can use it for your daughter and son altogether. So, the money is worth it.

It is a waterproof shoe. Therefore, it can keep your feet dry in wet situations. You don’t worry about whether your son/daughter will develop rash or blisters. The Ripstop upper of it comes with synthetic overlays. So, it becomes more durable and lightweight as well.

To offer an adjustable fit, it features a hook and loop strap closure. So, no tension about the fitting. Your kid becomes comfortable and confident in the playground wearing it. In addition, the Primaloft insulation material includes warm situations in winter and even in wet situations.


  • Perfect shoes for the cold and rainy season
  • Waterproof climaproof upper make the rainy season comfortable
  • Comes with a special Ripstop Upper along with synthetic overlays
  • The customized fit remains your fit locked in the shoe
  • Primaloft insulation material keeps you warm in cold weather


  • Highly expensive
  • Not enough waterproof

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy Safety Toe Electrical Hazard AL

Made of 100 nylon material, this Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain is a durable option for cerebral palsy patients. This mutilation-free shoe comes with a premium-quality synthetic upper. Overall, it becomes so waterproof and durable at the same time.

Featuring an asymmetrical alloy protective toe, it is very protective. For adult persons with CP like this version of Timberland for any energetic office time. A unique feature named electrostatic-dissipative protection is included in this shoe. This shoe is engineered and reinforced in such a way as to comfortably do the most demanding job at ease.

Moreover, the most rugged leathers bring excellence in walking. Its electrical hazard protection keeps away from electrical injury. Surprisingly, the slip and oil-resistant soles provide optimal performance. In a word, these shoes for cerebral palsy adults bring excellent support with protection to overcome most of the foot problems at a time.


  • 100 percent nylon material shoe, enough durable
  • Defect-free footwear designs with excellent synthetic upper
  • Features an asymmetrical alloy safety toe
  • Amazingly protective due to electrostatic-dissipative protection
  • Having slip and oil-resistant soles for high-end safety


  • Heavy for a long time
  • Soles are stiff in some conditions

4. Adidas Unisex-Child Cross Em Up 5 Basketball Shoe

We have a very reasonable shoe right on the list. Adidas Unisex Em Up 5 is a unisex basketball shoe for kids. Offering enough durability and midsole cushioning, painful feet get it supportive and comfortable. Additionally, it is designed for wider feet and extra room. For any type of foot pain, extra room is necessary.

This Adidas shoe has a lightweight textile upper. It combines durability and easiness together. The midsole is made of cloud foam. That’s why the midsole is so soft and keeps your feet an ample amount of cushion. Your kids will enjoy step-in comfort at every step.

The rubber outsole ensures sufficient grip to keep them stable and safe. This reasonable shoe needs only 36 dollars to buy. Compare with other cerebral palsy shoes, the price is so affordable.


  • Kids’ shoes have excellent midsole cushioning
  • Designed for wide feet including extra room
  • Builds with lightweight and textile upper for proper durability
  • Cloudfoam midsole brings extra mobility
  • durable rubber outsole remains stable by providing additional grip


  • Not for narrow feet
  • Upper material should be more durable

5. PUMA Women’s Phenom Wn Sneaker

PUMA Women’s Phenom Wn Sneakers are a good option who are looking for the best shoes for cerebral palsy. This Phenom Wn’s Merges is a fashionable shoe with a great user experience. The upper of the shoe is very unique. It has a headline that comes with a signature midfoot strap. It’s finished with feminine detailing.

This high-top shoe is designed especially for painful feet. Women with cerebral palsy will get benefits while using this shoe. It brings enhancing ankle support to improve your natural foot cycle. There is a mono mesh insert that is added to the collar sections. It includes breathability to keep painful feet sweat-free.

The full-length flex groove adds the capability of multi-directional movement. Having IGNITE foam, it is super in energy return. Overall, it is an energetic shoe with additional comfort.


  • Gives enhanced ankle and arch support
  • Special mono mesh insert continues superior breathability
  • Features a full-length flex groove to move seamlessly
  • Super comfortable for dynamic and multi-directional movement
  • An energy return and high intensive sports shoe


  • Need more support
  • Narrow entrance

6. Apawwa Boys Girls Sneakers

This shoe offers you a reasonable price, like 23-25 dollars. But don’t think that it sacrifices its quality for the penny. This Apawwa Boys Girls Sneaker is a good deal for toddlers who need plenty of cushions. Beyond that, it is very convenient for kids in regular use.

The slip-on design of this footwear comes with an invisible elastic band. It allows you to get a customized fit. So, your kid can easily put on the shoe and take it off without any hassle. For evening outings or any indoor activities, they will get it incredible.

In addition, it has a synthetic or knitted mesh upper. So, it provides supreme durability. The manufacturer uses high-standard materials to improve the shoe’s quality. Furthermore, it is lightweight and flexible which helps to develop the foot condition. Amazingly, they have odor control capability. So, your kid will love to wear it definitely.


  • Convenient shoe for kids with elastic band
  • Great shoe for any indoor and outdoor activities
  • high-standard materials are used to construct it
  • comes with odor-resistant and air-circulated insoles
  • Too much affordable and stylish with the proper amount of support


  • Insoles need more cushion
  • Soles may become slippery on wet surfaces

7. New Balance Unisex-Child Fresh Foam X 880 V12 Lace-up Running Shoe

From your daily exercise to high-energetic sports, you will get this New Balance Unisex 880 V12 shoe very helpful. It encourages your daily working strength. This running shoe comes forward with a view to minimizing various foot problems. The overall construction will make your daily life simple and stress-free.

The dual-layer midsole delivers foot adequate comfort. The midsole is allocated with sufficient comfort. The top bed of it is made of foam cushioning. The underfoot is excellent having fresh foam. Beyond that, the double-layer knit along with an engineered mesh upper combines a new level of softness.

To treat cerebral palsy, its blown rubber outsole is very rigid and still flexible in multi-directional movement. The lace-up closure adds safety and a protective fit. But these cerebral palsy shoes have only two color variations.


  • Plenty of cushioning having a dual-layer midsole
  • the top-bed foam takes care of painful feet
  • features underfoot Fresh Foam with a soft mesh upper
  • Blown rubber outsole maintains stability and support
  • Protective and convenient for featuring a lace-up closure


  • only two color variation
  • not so durable

 8. Memo Chicago Corrective Orthopedic High-Top AFO Leather Sneaker

Memo Chicago leather sneakers are a footwear for those who want to use AFO for extra support and care. It goes very comfortably with any type of AFO. The thermoplastic heel counter supports you so incredibly that you would love to wear it. Moreover, its ankle support is highly recommended by many experts.

With the triple hook and loop closures, you will enjoy a customized fit. You can treat yourself with proper confidence. The outsole is very flexible and provides an anti-slippery movement. As a result, you will enjoy a safe walking experience. Additionally, this rubber outsole comes with toe protection. Very impressive, isn’t it?

The prophylactic midsole is a unique feature of this brand. It is incorporated with the Thomas heel. Jointly they work for correct foot development. Thus your kid will enjoy wearing the shoe.


  • Heel support is excellent with a thermoplastic heel counter
  • triple hook & loop closures firmly hug your feet
  • provides high upper support for the ankle portion
  • anti-slip rubber outsole bears the responsibility of stability
  • Prophylactic midsole is great for sensitive feet


  • costly
  • sweaty in some situations

 9. Toddlers Orthopedic Shoes Kids High-top Corrective Sneakers

These shoes for cerebral palsy build with genuine leather and mesh material. They can protect your children’s soft skin. They are specially designed by long-time research. It is very convenient as it has a multi-dimensional correction. For use with any kind of AFO, it is very handy. Because it has a built-in high-dimensional brace connection capacity.

Toddlers Orthopedic Shoes The ankle and arch support of this shoe prevents ankle deformation. At the same time, it improves heel deformity and makes a balanced movement. So, your baby can get the correct walking posture.

However, this shoe is not so worth it for toe walkers. For long-time uses, we suggest avoiding it.


  • Made of a combination of genuine leather and lightweight mesh
  • Offers multi-dimensional and double triangular movement
  • comfortably lock the ankle in the right cushion
  • prevent ankle and foot cycle deformation
  • U-shaped inserts help to fix the foot pain


  • Not functional for toe walkers
  • Soles are hard

 10. Mishansha Boys Girls Hiking Boots

Some of you might think that the best shoes for cerebral palsy are expensive all the time. And they offer poor looking as the manufacturers give more importance to their quality rather than their outlook. But these Mishansha Boys Girls Hiking Boots will remove all of your misconceptions. It is very reasonable with plenty of color variations.

This hiking boot is a water-resistant shoe for both boys and girls. It is made of high-quality artificial leather. Therefore, it is very long-lasting. The abrasion-resistant toe guard protects your kid’s feet safely when they are playing outdoor games. Additionally, they feel easy to put on and off this boot.

The sole is made of full-length soft material. Along with a unique pattern design, it brings optimal traction at every step. However, the sole needs more moderation which is claimed by a customer.


  • high-quality artificial leather offers waterproof movement
  • features abrasion-resistant TPR toe guard design
  • good for protection both indoors and outdoors
  • easy to use and wash
  • a full-length soft rubber sole delivers optimal grip and traction


  • Soles need moderation
  • Not so comfortable for a long time

Criteria to buy best shoes for cerebral palsy

The most important factors to choose the right pair of shoes for cerebral palsy sufferers are shortly described below.

To help the fit

As people with cerebral palsy have some physical disadvantages, their shoes should be right fitting. The loose or tight shoe will disturb their comfort and easiness of walking. So, their shoe must be capable of delivering the right fit. Toddlers like to run most of the time. That’s why they need an adjustable shoe so that it can’t take off all of a sudden.


Before purchasing any shoe for sensitive people, their comfort and flexibility should be in consideration. Kids with cerebral palsy need added comfort. So their shoes should be soft, cushioned as well as lightweight. A leather shoe is very recommended for them.

Try to pick a shoe with soft padding in the ankle, heel, arch, and toe areas. These shoes will deliver maximum comfort and keep them enjoyable to play.


Another important factor is the breathability of the shoe. People with cerebral palsy might have discomfort or unwillingness to go out. A proper air-circulated shoe can increase their willingness to go out. It also helps to improve their physical condition.


When it is a question to choose a shoe, flexibility can’t be ignored. At the same time, when it is for any sensitive person, it will become a crying need. Soft padded, light to carry, and easy to wear are flexible for them. Keep in mind these features before purchasing.

Ankle Support

Ankle support should be adequate for cerebral palsy sufferers. Mode padding should require in the ankle portion. In addition, multi-directional motion control should be available for more support.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How The Feet Impacted By Cerebral Palsy?

Foot discomfort is a very common syndrome in children who have cerebral palsy. It hampers their daily activities a lot. The most common physical problems are equinus, foot deformation, or plantar flexion developments. All of them point the foot downwards. Gradually, it brings a larger level of foot deformity.

2. Why do people with CP wear braces?

Leg braces are made for providing additional support who need extra support with their normal shoes. People with CP are generally suggested to wear braces. They can help to keep their legs straight. Thus it works for improving their walking experience. A common problem for cerebral palsy is named diplegic gait. It causes the discomfort of walking. That’s why they need to wear braces.

3. How do you strengthen cerebral palsy?

There are several ways to strengthen cerebral palsy. You can do aquatic training exercises. It is a water-based exercise. It helps to strengthen your muscles and improve your foot gait. Riding on a bicycle also improves your physical strength and endurance. You may take electrotherapy. It must need a doctor consultation otherwise it can worsen your situation.

4. What is the best brace for foot drop?

Different brace is suitable for different foot problems. Flex AFO braces are highly recommended for sensitive feet like foot drop. Gradually it will develop a foot drop problem. The point should be noted that an AFO should use for temporal safety. You don’t take it as your permanent treatment.

5. How can I improve my cerebral palsy balance?

Ans: Taking some physical exercise and therapy can improve CP balance. Do some core strengthening Cerebral Palsy exercises regularly. Sometimes, you can go horseback riding. It is also very popular for children to treat CP. Deep breathing, swinging, and walking in the pool also can be beneficial to improve your condition.


Some best shoes for cerebral palsy can amazingly work to minimize the pain if they are used regularly. Doctors suggest using soft, lightweight as well as comfortable shoes whether you have sensitive feet or not. We believe you would get the right pair of shoes from this review. Stay connected!


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