Best Shoe to Wear With Walking Boot

10 Best Shoe to Wear With Walking Boot 2024

The best shoe to wear with a walking boot is important for reducing stress and strain on your foot. A shoe balancer takes good care of your foot. Let’s know details about why and how a shoe balancer will help you.

Why Wear a Walking Shoe With a Walking Boot?

You may have a question of why it is necessary to wear shoes with a walking boot. What is the importance to wear another shoe while you have one already? Well, it might even appear ridiculous to some of you.

But considering some of the circumstances, hopefully, you will realize the necessity of wearing a shoe with a walking shoe.

First of all, if you just undergo an operation or surgery on your foot, you need a shoe balancer. Secondly, if you have a fracture and are suffering from serious foot pain, you need to use a shoe balancer.

With an ordinary shoe, you can work comfortably. It will create strain while you are walking and hinder the recovery process if you have surgery.

On the other hand, in case you are suffering from leg height imbalance, you may need an extra shoe balancer.

Some doctors also suggest using a shoe balancer to get relief from various foot problems like over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, or plantar fibroma. Adding an insert also includes extra padding.

How Does a Shoe Balancer for a Walking Boot Help?

After knowing why a shoe balancer is important to wear, you might have another question about how does a shoe balancer help to develop your foot condition. A medical boot shoe will give you a temporary lift so that you don’t face a lack of support while walking.

As low shoe heel is causing foot imbalance or high heel cause foot pain, a shoe balancer will keep your right position in the shoe.

Thus, your feet will be comfortable and relax to walk. Most of the balancer is easily used with any shoe. This makes it tricky to use a new shoe rather than modifying your original walking boot.

10 Best Shoes to Wear With Walking Boots

1. Evenup Shoe Leveler

Evenup Shoe Leveler is designed to reduce knee pain, back pain, or hip strain. If you have just undergone an operation, this shoe balancer will assist you to walk comfortably. Its height is adjustable.

Therefore, your short leg or tall knee doesn’t make a hassle. It will cover your leg properly. So, your chances to face any injury will be less.

The patented design of this balancer incorporates rubber and hook-and-loop straps. It includes a 2 layer non-skid outsole which is made of rubber. It is also offering two thicknesses such as half-inch and 1 inch.

This product easily attaches a non-affected limb to improve your balance as well as gait. It also works for reducing body strain. As it has two types of height, it can be easily adjustable.

It provides a shorter limb length in the care you are wearing a walking boot or a fracture boot. It helps to minimize low back pain as well as hip pain.

This comfortable shoe to wear with the walking boot is perfectly associated with a walking boot. Moreover, it is easy to use with walking shoes.

  • The height is adjustable and offering two thicknesses
  • Comes with a non-affected limb for providing improved balance
  • Help to enhance gait and reduced body strain
  • Specially designed with rubber and hook and loop straps
  • Features a 2 layer non-skid and rubber outsole
  • May sliding way
  • Fit may vary

2. Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer

If you are looking for a top-quality shoe balancer, this one is for you. It prevents slipping, helps to equalizes limb length, and reduces body stress.

Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon, it is very effective to minimize surgery pain, hip pain, or other types of foot problems. While you are walking, it will keep you stable and protective also.

Keeping the user’s best interests in mind, it features many user-friendly functionalities. Though it has one size, the velcro straps allow proper adjustability. This product comes with a durable and slip-resistant feature to keep the user in great stability.

It can’t be used with any kind of shoe that also be used for both men and women. The overall performance of this shoe balancer is awesome. It costs only 29 dollars. Its special anti-slip features help to prevent slipping and minimize pain.

Its adjustable straps hold your shoe perfectly. It supports you to be in your shoe as long as you wish. You can also adjust the front and middle straps if you don’t get the right fit.

For the best use, you should ensure to use it while you are wearing a normal shoe. Without a shoe, or barefoot, it might develop your foot pain rather than minimize it.

  • Helps to prevent slipping
  • Created by an Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Velcro straps allow proper adjustability
  • Specifically designed for the non-injured foot
  • Height balancer to offer the best comfort
  • Little bit problem in adjustment
  • Tall

3. Procare ShoeLift Shoe Balancer

If you are looking for a shoe balancer that can be used for athletic shoes. Here is Procare ShoeLift Shoe Balancer which can be used for athletic shoes. With a 1 inchi offset height, it lifts to balance out your leg length while you are running.

Not only balancing but also reducing your body strain, you will find this product supportive and safe.

It features a non-skid bottom to keep the wearer more stable. It comes with a sturdy rubber sole. This sole helps to prevent slippage when you are walking or running. It can be worn perfectly on both left or right feet. For easy on and off, it has adjustable strapping.

Wearing an orthopedic walking boot or cast may affect your walking. Sometimes, it may cause hip pain, back pain, or knee pain. This shoe balancer with your regular shoe can help offset the leg length. It also assists in body strain reduction.

  • Gives 1” lift to balance out your leg length
  • Helps to reduce your body stress and strain
  • Provides a sturdy. Non-skid rubber sole
  • Prevent slippage or falling when moving
  • Features adjust strapping for easy on and off
  • Bit heavy
  • Size varies

4. United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Here is another best shoe to wear with a walking boot that helps to promote your natural walking motion. This product also can be fit for both right or left feet. The rocker sole along with the shock-absorbing insole improves your natural walking during working or walking.

The air bladders of this product offer custom compression. It helps to improve the wearer’s comfort and support. This walking boot delivers maximum stability maintaining the injury or post-operative procedures.

This boot can also be used for acute ankle sprains, ligament injuries, soft tissue injuries, or improving your foot’s natural motion.

If you have a stable lower leg, fractures on the leg, or knee, you will find this product very effective. For postoperative use, many doctors suggest this product. Its plastic molded uprights come with steel reinforcement.

They altogether give increased durability. The shock-absorbing insole helps to reduce the impact of heel strike.

It offers a wide range of bracing solutions. So, you will enjoy great flexibility while using it. Though it is a bit expensive, you will satisfy using this product.

  • Promotes natural walking motion gradually
  • Designed with rocker sole and shock-absorbing insole
  • Offers air bladders for custom compression and support
  • Steel reinforcement gives enhanced durability
  • Offers a wide range of bracing solutions
  • Bit expensive
  • Reliability problem

5. Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Some shoe balancers for walking boots may increase your foot pain if these have lack durability. This Aircast brace features a durable as well as a semi-rigid shell to confirm the right level of support and durability.

It helps to support the limb by providing your foot full-shell protection. For any kind of foot injury or post-operation, you will find this product efficient.

This product is made of SoftStrike technology. It works on absorbing and dissipating shock. Additionally, it is lightweight. They feature a lab-tested rocker sole that combines support with traction.

To encourage a natural gait, it features enough flexibility. The skid-resistant rubber sole also creates a good grip and traction.

There is an overlapping duplex air cell line in this brace. It gives intermittent pneumatic compression which is 3 times faster for edema reduction. Thus, gradually your edema problem can be solved.

As it is designed with a sleek and open frame, the wearer enjoys its amazing ventilation.

The non-marking and skid-resistant rubber tread add extra support. It allows for greater stability as well as longer wear. Though it needs 77 dollars, this universal walking boot brace will fulfill most of the demands. You can use it on either the left or right foot.

  • Features a durable and semi-rigid shell
  • Helps to support your limb providing protection
  • Made with SoftStrike technology and dissipates shock
  • Features lightweight and lab-tested rocker sole
  • Offers overlapping Duplex air cells line
  • Highly expensive
  • Bit heavy

6. United Ortho Cam Walker Fracture Boot

These walking cast shoes feature maximum support and grip to minimize the pain of fracture or any kind of injury. Fitting for both right or left feet helps to improve natural walking, natural gait cycle, or different types of foot pain.

Checking out their sizing chart, you will definitely find the right size and a guideline to use this shoe balancer properly.

There is a rocker sole in this product. It brings support and traction altogether. The shock-absorbing insole promotes more natural walking or working time. The reinforced plastic shell makes it sturdy.

For uprights support and protecting your foot, the shell is very effective. Only 31 dollars, you can afford this product. As it is designed by following injury or post-operative procedures, it will be a helpful solution for the sufferers.

It can be used for knee pain, acute ankle sprains, ankle pain, soft tissue injuries, or stable lower leg. For any type of foot or ankle fractures along with post-operative use, it is also recommended.

After a period of six-month usages, this shoe balancer will minimize your pain hopefully. As its shock-absorbing insole helps to reduce the impact of frequent movement, you will like this affordable and high-quality product.

  • Provides maximum durability and support
  • Rocker sole promotes a natural walking
  • Shock-absorbing insole increases interior softness
  • The reinforced plastic shell makes it sturdy
  • Uprights your support and protection of the foot
  • Runs big
  • Not for narrow feet

7. Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Walker Low Top Air Cam Walking Boot

With Aero Walker shoe balancer, you will get the perfect lift up for shoes. This shoe to wear with the walking boot is made of neoprene, hard plastic, and Velcro. The innovative design of this model combines comfort and support altogether.

Its seamless design ensures that your non-affected foot brings up to the next level as the walking cast or boot.

There is an inflatable bladder in this model. It incorporates into liner for increasing the wearer’s immobilization. It helps the portion of your lower leg and ankle. For enhancing your flexibility, it is specially designed with a toe guard.

It adds protection also. The cushioned sole of it is added for greater energy absorption. This shoe lift for walking boots creates greater protection without sacrificing responsiveness, support, and wearer comfort.

This shoe balancer is designed for women. They can use it either right or left foot. With a custom fit, they can easily get their preferred fit.

  • Materials: Neoprene, hard plastic, and Velcro
  • Features inflatable bladder
  • Incorporates into liner for extra immobilization
  • Supportive for the lower leg and ankle
  • Features specially designed toe guard for added protection
  • Size varies
  • Run large

8. United Ortho 360 Air Walker Standard Fracture Boot

This 360 Air Walker has a semi-rigid shell that offers adequate support to your leg or ankle. Due to following the injury or post-operative instructions, it is very beneficial to develop foot natural motion.

It is used for acute ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, soft tissue injuries, or any type of foot pain.

For postoperative use, this shoe is following the Achilles tendon repair system. If you have a stable lower leg, painful foot, or ankle fracture, this model suits you better than others.

It is streamlined as well as a lightweight product but capable of providing maximum support. For the leg and ankle, you will enjoy sufficient flexibility.

The medial or lateral air bladders add extra comfort. It offers customized compression to reduce edema. The rocker sole assists to promote a natural gait. It allows the wearer to continue daily activities. Its shock-absorbing properties create a soft and comfy interior feeling.

For reducing the heel strike while you are working or walking, this product keeps you relax. Any medical professionals and consumers like this product for its comfy and supportive features.

  • Suitable for acute ankle sprains or soft tissue injuries
  • Features streamlined and semi-rigid shell
  • Lightweight yet delivers maximum support while walking
  • Stable for the leg and ankle
  • Lateral air bladders give customized compression
  • Price is a bit costly
  • Run large

9. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

This ProCare Squared Toe Post provides the feasibility to keep your dress clean. It also keeps your toes dry. By providing stable protection and secure step-on, it will help you to reduce your stress on the foot.

This model is made by following post-operative procedures. For forefoot trauma, it is very effective. The square toe design works as a bumper. It creates additional room and comfort to walk easily. It also comes with high ankle strapping.

This strapping maintains stability to keep your foot in the proper position. It features a rigid rocker sole. The balancer delivers ease of ambulation and also works for pressure reduction.

Thus, after using several weeks, it will develop your foot condition or injury. This shoe height leveler can be used for both left or right feet. It will remain stable for the longest possible time in your foot. Enjoy a safe movement with this product.

  • Allows stable protection for sensitive feet
  • Following post-operative procedures and forefoot trauma
  • Square toe design acts as a bumper
  • Creates additional room and comfort
  • Large extent protect your toes from injuries
  • Extra small
  • Toe size is small

10. BootBud Shoe Lift

This BootBud helps perfectly to lift the shoe that you already own. It comes with a free removable insert that allows you to customize the height. There are adjustable velcro toe and heel straps in this model. The universal design of it fits the left or right shoe. It feels the user relatively more comfortable and easy.

This shoe lifter is a quality product. It will help you to keep safe in your working place for the longest period of time.

By wearing this walking boot, you can be flexible and safe. The quality design of it helps to gradually minimize your fracture pain or post-operation condition. But its weight is a little bit heavy.

  • Remains you safe when walking or working
  • Comes with a free removable insert
  • Allows you to customize your height
  • Features an adjustable velcro toe and heel straps
  • Universal design fits with your left or right shoe
  • 2 ounces weight
  • Size may vary

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How to walk up and downstairs with one crutch

What shoes do you wear on walking boots?

Some professionals or experts suggest using a temporally fit-on with the normal walking shoe. It helps to achieve the right balance. This temporary fitting used on the shoe is known as the walking shoes on walking boots.

are the top-picked shoe balancer of the market. ProCare Evenup Shoe Leveler, Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer EvenUp Shoe Balancer is also very famous among customers.

What to wear with a medical walking boot?

The shoe balancer which provides the right fit, balance movement, and adequate support should be picked to wear with a medical walking boot.

With proper traction and customized fitting, a shoe lifter can supports you the most. You find the most comfortable for daily uses. Evenup Shoe Leveler is our top choice. You might check out this product.

What is the best walking boot?

Some of the shoe balancers need a quality walking boot. Otherwise, it can’t produce the right amount of support to keep the wearer stable. Therefore, you should pick a comfortable walking boot associated with the shoe balancer.

Some of the best walking boots are Haglöfs Skuta Eco Proof, Adidas Terrex Free Hiker, or Hanwag Ferrata II GTX.

What are walking boots by Vibe?

Lightweight Shoe Vive post-operative Walking Boot can be the first choice. It offers the best support if you wear it after bunion and hammertoe surgery.

For any other foot surgery, foot pain, or foot injury, it is very effective and comfortable. They are come up with many distinct features that are needed for foot injury recovery. Additionally, doctors and podiatrists recommend this type of shoes for surgery shoes.


If you want to balance your feet, you should wear the best shoe to wear with a walking boot. It will minimize excessive pressure and strain. To maintain your body alignment, wearing the best walking shoes on walking boots will help you best. Check out our list to find the best one for you.

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