Best Broomball Shoes

Best Broomball Shoes

Broomball shoes are specially used for playing broomball games. They can be used for playing hockey also. The best broomball shoes will help you to increase your performance.

We covered this writing with the top-ranked broomball shoes in the market.

What Is Broomball?

Broomball is a game which is played on ice surface or in community parks throughout a country. It is very similar to hockey. It’s formation and rules are quite similar to hockey. But there incorporate some of the soccer strategies. It can be played both indoor and outdoor.

What Shoes to Wear for Broomball

There are some special shoes for broomball. But most of the recreational leagues don’t permit to use them. Besides, hiking boots are also banned to wear in this game.

Regular tennis shoes go perfectly with this game. But the main thing is the shoe that you wore should have improved traction on the ice and good tread on the bottom.

 Best Broomball Shoes 2024

#1ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball ShoesRubberCheck Price
#2ACACIA Spider-Gel Broomball ShoesLatexCheck Price
#3ACACIA Spider-Gel Pro Broomball ShoesLatexCheck Price
#4ACACIA Bullet Shoes Bullet Broomball ShoesLatexCheck Price
#5ACACIA Shark Broomball Shoes, Black/RedLatexCheck Price
#6ACACIA 45-004 Shark Broomball ShoesLatexCheck Price

1. ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball Shoes

ACACIA is one of the top-rated manufacturers for making broomball shoes. They lead the rule in the broomball shoe industry without any doubt.

Without any hesitation, this one is the best-selling shoe of this brand. Thousands of experts suggest them for playing broomball.

It is made with full-grain polished Pergo leather. Along with moisture-wicking nylon mesh, it doesn’t allow you to get your feet wet or smelly.

Thus, it offers outstanding comfort and breathability. Its anti-shock Heel counter is very suitable to play on the ice. Moreover, it is safe and protected on ice surfaces.

Things We Like
  • Lightest Broomball Shoes for indoor or outdoor
  • Features safety toe caps for protection
  • Energetic as having both front and back protection
  • Made with Slip-resistant Spider Gel technology
  • Creates amazing grip on ice
Things We Don't Like
  • Price is a little bit high
  • Limited color option

2. Acacia Cruzr Broomball Shoes

Next on our list is another quality shoe from Acacia. It is one of the supportive broomball shoes. It is the fastest and lightest shoe available in the market. Build with advanced super-soft lightweight gel foam, it provides premium softness during the game.

Acacia Cruzr Broomball Shoes are specially designed for the broomball game. All the materials of this shoe provide the ultimate grip and support. For a pleasant indoor playing experience, we must recommend this shoe.

Moreover, it features dual thermal padded along with waterproof nylon upper. These will keep you warm and dry. Definitely, it won’t let you down while you are playing.

Things We Like
  • The fastest and lightest shoes available in the market
  • Made with Advanced super-soft lightweight gel foam
  • Ultimate grip and is excellent for indoor playing
  • Comes with Dual thermal padded
  • Waterproof nylon upper keeps you dry
Things We Don't Like
  • Sole may be hard in summer
  • Size may vary

3. ACACIA Spider-Gel Broomball Shoes

Striking in its own quality is our other recommendation which is ACACIA Spider-Gel. From the lightest shoes available in the market, it is a real winner. Its lightweight latex outsoles and soft spider gel material make the shoe amazing.

This quality shoe comes with longer grooves. It gives the players total control on the playing field. Most of the comfortable shoes for broomball need such type of feature.

Also, it has a Soft Spider Gel material. For this reason, it delivers the ultimate playing experience on the ice.

The thermal padded waterproof nylon upper is extra comfortable for broomball players. It will help to keep the athletes warm and dry while they are playing. Spider-Gel is a perfect choice who needs speed and flexibility.

Things We Like
  • Made with Soft Spider Gel material
  • Features Thermal padded and waterproof nylon upper
  • Awesome to keep the athletes warm and dry
  • For flexibility offering Lightweight latex outsoles
  • Longer grooves provide you ultimate control on the field
Things We Don't Like
  • Expensive
  • Limited color option

4. Acacia Blitzen Stick Curling Shoes

Do you need a shoe that can be used for Curling and Broomball altogether? This shoe is for you. They are one of the softest shoes for broomball and also better for curling. The waterproof nylon uppers provide amazing durability for wet surfaces.

The super-soft latex foam outsole protects players from slippery conditions. As ice is slippery, so this feature delivers extra protection. The players can be more stable and enjoy the right amount of grip.

You can get total control over your feet by wearing this shoe. Enjoy the amazing indoor playing experience with Blitzen shoes.

Things We Like
  • Awesome for indoor playing
  • Made with waterproof nylon uppers
  • Featuring super soft latex foam outsoles
  • Getting total control over foot
  • Keeps stable and confidence while playing
Things We Don't Like
  • Need hard rubber sole
  • Lack of arch support

5. ACACIA Spider-Gel Pro Broomball Shoes

Most of the customers want a budget-friendly shoe, but they don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the shoe. Basically, it is a very common criterion for most customers. Now, we have ACACIA Spider-Gel Pro Broomball Shoes which price is very affordable.

Also, it features user-friendly features and is comfy like comfortable shoes for broomball. ACACIA Spider-Gel Pro Broomball Shoe is the next version of Spider-gel. Like this one, it is also constructed using advanced super-soft Spider Gel foam.

So, it can provide the ultimate comfort and better playing experience. It is light and flexible to play on the ice. You will enjoy the game as you have total control over your foot.

Things We Like
  • Made of Advanced super-soft Spider Gel foam
  • Provides ultimate playing experience
  • Features a thermal padded waterproof nylon upper
  • Super lightweight latex outsoles
  • Offers players total control on the field
Things We Don't Like
  • a Little bit heavy
  • Sizing problem

6. ACACIA Bullet Shoes Bullet Broomball Shoes

You may think that is why we only review shoes from the ACACIA brand. As we found their shoes most famous and supportive, we picked their products.

This shoe features a predecessor. For this reason, it is extremely lightweight and flexible. It also contains a dual-thermal padded cold-resistant nylon. It promotes your comfort and grip. Thus, it delivers superior grip on ice like the drumming shoes.

Things We Like
  • Lightest broomball shoes
  • Made with super soft gel technology
  • Provides superior support and grip on ice
  • Awesome for maximizing your control on ice
  • Comes with dual-thermal padded cold
Things We Don't Like
  • Size varies
  • Price is high

7. ACACIA Shark Broomball Shoes

These shoes are some of the comfortable drumming shoes. It is so light and a high-top broomball shoe. For its excellent ankle support and dual-thermal padded, it offers great support for hockey and broomball games.

ACACIA has engineered this shoe with a very lightweight material. As a result, it is so light to carry and easy to play with. This high-top version shoe affords outstanding ankle support.

The right amount of protection is ensured by its sole pattern provides. It provides superior grip and control on ice surfaces.

For both indoor and outdoor use, you can use these drummers’ shoes. They are ideal for other indoor games too.

Things We Like
  • Lightweight and high top broomball shoe
  • Featuring excellent ankle and arch support
  • Dual-thermal padded ensures comfort
  • Waterproof nylon promotes flexibility
  • Ideal for broomball and hockey
Things We Don't Like
  • Limited color option
  • Not breathable

8. ACACIA 45-004 Shark Broomball Shoes

ACACIA 45-004 shoe is the updated version of the shark broomball. It is colorful and eye-catching. Though broomball shoes aren’t so attractive, it is a little bit versatile. These drummer’s shoes come with excellent ankle support.

These drummers’ shoes have dual-thermal padded like most of the shoes have. It is light and waterproof. So, you don’t feel wet situations with this shoe. But, its price is so high and offers insufficient air-flow. But, remember broomball shoes can ignore these features.

Things We Like
  • Offering excellent ankle support
  • Comes with dual-thermal padded
  • Very lightweight and high-top shoe
  • Advanced foam gel technology and sole pattern
  • Waterproof nylon promotes comfort
Things We Don't Like
  • Price is so high
  • Lack of air cushion

Factors That Look for Choosing the Best Shoes for Broomball

The features associated with getting the right pair of broomball shoes are described below:

Grip and Traction

As broomball is a game that is played on ice and ice is so slippery, the broomball shoes should be perfect in grip and traction. The more grip a wearer gets, the more he can be flexible.

The footbed and outsole are responsible for providing grip. Therefore, catch carefully by knowing properly about the footbed of the shoe.


The sizing of a broomball shoe is very important. It plays a vital role in delivering the right amount of support to a player. Loose or tight shoes aren’t preferable. So, check out the sizing list of the shoe that you want to purchase.


No sacrifice with comfort. It will develop many foot problems if you wear uncomfortable shoes for playing. Padded and cushioning properties should be proper to ensure your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes do you wear for broomball?

Broomball is a game that is played on the ice surface in tennis shoes. Using a broom which is basically a stick with a plastic paddle, you can play this game. It must be played wearing supportive and comfortable regular shoes. Shoes with a high grip are more preferable for broomball.

Are broomball shoes different from running shoes?

Broomball shoes are quite different from running shoes. They are designed with a special sole that has a high grippy factor. This feature makes the wearer more stable on his way instead of sliding all over.

As it is played on the ice surface, more stability should be confirmed. With a thick rubber layer on the shoe’s bottom, they are as regular shoes. Most of them are not fashionable at all.

Is broomball played on ice?

Yes, Broomball is a winter sport that is played on the ice surface. It is a game that is very similar to hockey. It follows the formation and rules of hockey and incorporates some soccer strategies.

What are the best broomball shoes?

Shoes with a high grip, proper traction, and adequate support are required for playing broomball. Acacia Grip-Inator Shoe, Acacia Cruzr Shoe, D-Gel Gripper Broomball Shoe, Acacia Spider-Gel Shoe are some of the comfortable shoes for broomball.


The best broomball shoes are different as they have to be stable on ice. More grip and traction are a must which is found in most of our shoes. Pick any of these shoes and enjoy your playing time.

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