Best Women's Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Women’s Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet

By wearing the right fit shoe with sufficient cushioning will make you more advance while you are a women cross-trainer. The best women’s cross-training shoes for flat feet can enhance your performance, stability, flexibility and will keep you secure and comfortable. On the other hand, wearing the wrong pair of shoes can make you stressed and affected you with many foot problems or injuries.

Reviews: Best Women’s Cross-Training Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

Training shoes for flat feet have some particular quality and features to bring perfect comfort with mobility. We have started our review with an outstanding shoe which is from Reebok.

The quality of this shoe is highly recommended. Making with lightweight and durable material, it keeps you rock on the training.

As it is made of synthetic material, it provides a rigid and durable movement. This flex-weave women’s sneaker gives resilient stretch along with extreme support. Due to its re-engineered Flexweave technology, it is capable of creating perfect stability and flexibility.

With its efficient foot support and new heel bootie construction, it will add proper cushioning for flat feet. It gives the ultimate performance and comfort for ankle mobility. Its low-cut design increases the flexible movement of a trainer.

The sturdy design of this footwear provides a proper Toe Section. It allows you to be flexible for high-intensity workouts. With its increased ankle support, you can keep moving all day long. It is an ideal shoe for workouts and weightlifting.

  • A flex weave woven sneakers
  • Gives resilient stretch and sufficient support
  • Made with Re-engineered Flexweave technology
  • Comes with new heel bootie construction
  • Added cushioning creates ultimate performance comfort
  • Sole isn’t super flexible
  • Size varies

2. New Balance Women’s 715 V4 Cross Trainer

They are one of the most comfortable cross-training shoes. This New Balance 715 can be your everyday comfort with its super cushioning and supported features.

Making with 100% leather and durable rubber sole, this cross-trainer shoe gives you confidence in your every step. You can’t go wrong with your exercise while wearing this footwear.

The shaft measurement of this shoe is approximately low to top from the arch. As it features a removable insole, you will insert extra padding if you wish.

Besides, its full-length memory top insert offers an amazing level of softness. As New Balance is driven by customer’s safety and comfort, they have designed this product with such quality. This go-to trainer shoe achieves a huge customer response. You can move anytime, anywhere with this footwear.

  • Made of 100% leather material
  • Durable and rigid rubber sole
  • Features removable insole for flexibility
  • Full memory sole insert
  • Comfortable for gym, workout, and running
  • Not good as a work shoe
  • No leather on top

3. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Tazon 6 is a performance sneaker that is made of 100% leather and synthetic material. The combination of these shoes creates a soft and durable movement.

This Run-Train shoe has a sleek and streamlined outlook. Not only for your support but also for having a stylish look, you should check out this product.

This sporty sneaker features a synthetic leather upper. The midfoot saddle allows maximum fit which is very important for cross-trainers. There is an Eva in the heel portion. It can absorb the impact of frequent movements. It is very beneficial for those who have flat feet.

This product from PUMA is a global product. It successfully influences the sport, lifestyle, and fashion world. Delivering adequate support and traction brings a revolutionary change in your daily life.

  • Made of 100% leather and synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Provides midfoot saddle for maximum support and fit
  • Run-Train performance sneaker
  • Eva in the heel absorbs impact while moving
  • Narrow in front
  • Not for wide feet

4. STQ Women’s Running Shoes Breathable Air Cushion Sneakers

These women’s shoes are lightweight, flexible as well responsive. They are perfect for those who run for low mileage and neutral runners.

Featuring an air cushioning and rubber sole, it is perfect for any kind of workout. The removable sock liner promotes comfort and ease of use.

These workout shoes for flat feet don’t compromise the sturdiness and stability. For constructing the upper, the manufacturer use mesh and synthetic materials.

The upper offers a snug and sock-like fit. The fabric is a knit tennis fabric. Therefore, you will find it comfortable, breathable, and lightweight though you have foot pain.

We prefer it for running, walking, jogging, working, weightlifting, and many regular activities. This casual daily shoe costs only 38 dollars. It will bring more enjoyment to your life.

  • Air cushioning properties and rubber sole
  • Lightweight, flexible and responsive shoe
  • Great for low mileage and neutral runners
  • Removable sock liner promotes comfort and softness
  • Synthetic upper offers a snug and sock-like fit
  • Bit heavy
  • Not for a long time

5. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe

This shoe from Ryka is made of 100% fabric. The footprint design makes an attractive appearance. The durable rubber sole offers proper stability and traction. The shaft is measured approximately low to top from the arch.

The traction outsole of it is rigid and strong. For ease of use, there are pivot points. They offer ease of movement while you are taking training or exercising. The flex-foil, as well as direct Fuse layers, creates extreme support.

If you are a cross-trainer, you have tended to focus on weightlifting. These shoes will be a perfect pair for these types of activities. The dual-density foam midsole comes with high-impact cushioning. The N-Gage EVA energy return capability offers the wearer shape retention.

In terms of fit, you will get a lace-up that allows you to get customize the fit. This women’s training shoe is made of synthetic and meshes upper. So, you will enjoy plenty of comforts as well as breathability.

  • Traction outsole with footprint design
  • Pivot points allow ease of movement
  • Made with flex-foil and direct fuse layers
  • Dual-density foam midsole absorbs high impact
  • N-Gage EVA energy return gives shape retention
  • Bit costly
  • Size may vary

6. Skechers D’Lites – Biggest Fan

This shoe is a slip-resistant shoe that is a necessity for the cross-trainer. With its safety toe and women-specific protection, it offers a good amount of support and stability. Though the price range of this shoe is high, it has huge customer demand and popularity.

For those who are working in restaurants, construction works, or high-energetic activities, this shoe is suitable for them. Along with flat feet or foot pain, they will enjoy wearing this lightweight shoe. This training shoe for flat feet features a built-in heel to sufficient heel support.

For adding comfort to your day, it has a breathable knitted upper. You will find countless color options with its lace-up designs. However, the insole of this shoe is non-removable. It might be a bad side to you if you want to use extra inserts.

  • Features leather and synthetic upper
  • Gives protection and cushion for essential workers
  • Design for everyday use
  • Lightweight shoe feature 1/4 inch built heel
  • Made of lightweight and breathable elements
  • Price is high
  • Non-removable insole

7. Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe

If you look for a waterproof shoe to do cross-training activities, this Ryka Hydro Training shoe is a perfect option for you. With its waterproof upper, it is great for water aerobics.

The material of this shoe is 100% synthetic and mesh. It allows durability and softness altogether. This aquatic cross-trainer shoe comes with a removable and perforated nitracel footbed. It allows drainage ports in the sole.

Therefore, it doesn’t get wet whether you pass the beach or wet surfaces. Due to chlorine-resistant material, it lasts long. The sticky rubber adds better traction on wet and dry surfaces.

The webbing midfoot cage of this footwear gives medial and lateral support. Due to its synthetic and mesh upper, it features hybrid water flexibility. The compression-molded EVA midsole takes responsibility for interior comfort.

It helps to reduce flat feet pain. Get this product and enjoy your training time.

  • A waterproof aquatic cross-trainer shoe
  • Features removable and perforated nitracel footbed
  • Helps for drainage ports insole
  • Made of chlorine resistant material
  • Sticky rubber offers better grip on wet surfaces
  • Runs small
  • Inside may irritate after a while

8. JOOMRA Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

For those who have a wide foot and looking for CrossFit shoes for flat feet, this Joomra is suitable for them. Featuring a rubber sole for increased impact absorption, this training pair is perfect for intense workouts and training sessions. The rigid rubber outsoles deliver the optimal balance of traction.

With the responsive feel of this shoe, you can easily pass on unpredictable terrain at any time. There are circular lug patterns in this shoe. It provides the right grip during your workout times and frequent movements.

Due to the removable insoles support, your feet will get proper comfort and cushion. Moreover, you can put them off if you want to accommodate orthotics.

This shoe will transfer your total weight over the ball of the feet. That’s why while weightlifting you can be flexible and easy. The thicker topline of it wrapped your feet perfectly. It makes the shoe capable of not fall off during your exercise time.

Additionally, the reflective strip on the heel counter makes sure your protection. However, this shoe is a little bit heavy which is a bad side. Otherwise, you will definitely love this shoe.

  • Rubber outsoles offer optimal balance and traction
  • Creates a responsive feel on all terrain
  • Circular lug patterns offer grip during critical movement
  • Removable insoles help to get arch support
  • Thicker topline wrapped your feet perfectly
  • Heavyweight
  • Runs large

9. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 Sneaker

Nike has been considered one of the best brands when it is a question about trainer shoes. With their years of experience and research, their products are user-friendly and demandable. This Flex 9 is made with a combination of textile and synthetic material.

This lightweight sneaker is built for low-impact workouts and training. This shoe is specially designed for those women who need high flexibility and traction. The synthetic upper makes it durable. The heel strap adds support and containment.

The foam midsole of it is durable enough so that it can dramatically help in reducing weight. The manufacturer uses rubber in high-wear areas. It adds durability to your every step.

Due to mesh in the forefoot, these women’s sneakers work for enhancing breathability. Along with the tri-star outsole pattern, it also works to expand dispersing pressure.

But if you have a narrow foot, it is not perfect for you. Though it runs a bit larger, you will suffer for the beginning time.

  • Built for low-impact cross-training and workouts
  • Designed for flexibility and superior traction
  • Synthetic upper and heel strap add containment
  • Foam midsole helps to reduce weight
  • Rubber in high-wear areas includes proper durability
  • A bit larger
  • Not for narrow fit

10. Under Armour Women’s Charged Aurora Cross Trainer

They are comfortable gym shoes for flat feet. Its material is 100% textile. It’s lightweight as well as breathable upper able to keep your foot cool and dry.

The TPU films along with a raised print of it help to keep the foot locked in. Thus, it has added durability with protection when you are moving.

This footwear is built specifically for female trainers and workers. It locks your foot with a streamlined fit. The charged cushioning midsole offers even greater responsiveness and mobility.

Providing optimal cushioning and energy return, it can be your daily companion during training. The outsole of it is a full rubber outsole. It allows maximum durability and grip. As it comes with a multi-directional traction pattern, you will enjoy a stable movement.

  • Made of lightweight and breathable upper
  • Keeps you cool and dry for a long time
  • TPU films with raised print keep your foot locked
  • Built specially for the female foot with a streamlined fit
  • Charged Cushioning midsole for greater responsiveness
  • Limited color option
  • Not so supportive

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for flat feet?

Shoes with proper arch support, midsole cushion, and breathability are best for flat feet. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8, PUMA Women’s Tazon 6, and New Balance Men’s Mx608v4 are some of the best-selling products for flat feet.

What are the best shoes for cross-training?

For cross-training, stable, soft, and shoes with a solid outsole are more preferable. TPU layered heel, breathable upper, and mesh outer construction make a shoe more supportive for the cross-trainer.

The new version of the Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8 delivers full support for versatile training and workouts.

What is the best CrossFit shoe?

Cross-training shoes and CrossFit shoes are quite the same. Just there are a little bit different. From the numerous shoes, Nike Metcon 4 is top-picked. This model provides excellent support and cushion. Providing maximal stability and right fitting, it perfectly does this job.

What are the best shoes for agility?

Ans: The Reebok Speed TR Flexweave is one of the best shoes for agility. Its lightweight outer construction provides ease of movement. The firm TPU layer in the heel offers perfect heel support. It is a top choice for agility-specific training.


The best women’s cross-training shoes for flat feet suit properly for some specific tasks. As cross-trainers have to focus on their performance, they need a rigid shoe. Hopefully, this writing will save your time to find the best pair of cross-training shoes.

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