Best shoes for overlapping toes – Buying Guide

Many conditions develop foot pain, from plantar fasciitis to overlapping toes. Well, first of all, you should carefully check or figure out which toes overlap with your foot. Most of the sufferers have the most right or left toes overlapping.

Overlapping toes is a deformity of toes. When one toe overrides the adjacent one and causes foot discomfort is known as an overlapping toes problem. Generally, it is detected at an early age and needs earlier steps to overcome.

Overlapping toes don’t cause serious problems. But if it becomes an issue for foot pain, treatment should be started. Well, using one of the best shoes for overlapping toes can be a wise decision to overcome this problem. Shoes for overlapping toes won’t cradle your foot. Rather, they are designed to provide maximum comfort in your daily life.

Here, we have created a short list having the top shoes that are suitable for feet with overlapping toes.

                              Best shoes for overlapping toes

What shoes to wear with overlapping toes?

With overlapping toes, you should need extra care for your shoes. Wearing an extra-depth shoe can be very comfortable for you. You should pick a shoe with a larger toe box. The toe box can be made of stretchable material, which allows maximum flexibility. Soft, light as well and padded shoe is best for overlapping toes and feet. In a nutshell, Shoes For Overlapping Toes must be cushy, lightweight, and supportive anywhere they go.

How can I straighten my toes naturally?

Well,  the way to straighten your toes naturally lies in many things, actually. You don’t get it overnight. First of all, you need to buy a shoe that fits you perfectly. You can enjoy the right grip and traction while wearing the shoe. The toe area must be roomier so that you don’t experience further pain anymore.

Do some foot exercises that are designed to stretch the muscles. You can take suggestions from a consultant to know which are the most effective. You can go for toe spacing or toe taping. And finally, if all of the above doesn’t work, go for surgery which can straighten your toes properly.

Can overlapping toes be corrected without surgery?

To be very honest, the deformity of toes rarely corrects itself. Therefore, necessary treatment is definitely recommended by doctors. Non-surgical treatment achieves success for overlapping toes if this foot condition is diagnosed soon. In the early stages, there are some ways that work very effectively to eliminate this foot disorder. Passive stretching is one of the most commonly used treatments for overlapping toes.

1. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Rise 2 Cross Trainer

Under Armour is a worldwide popular brand for designing amazing footwear.  This Under Armour Men’s HOVR Rise 2 Cross Trainer is one of their best-selling product. This particular style gives you a zero gravity feel that you would forget about your painful feet.

Made with 100% synthetic material, it features a rubber sole. The sole is rigid yet flexible for moving. It is constructed with UA HOVR technology, so you won’t confine your toes. It allows you to eliminate the impact of moving, running, or even jumping. A compression mesh Energy locks your foot right in the cushion.

Moreover, these best shoes for overlapping toes are lightweight and abrasion-resistant. Providing an external heel counter, they hug your foot without restricting movement.


  • You feel like zero gravity while walking
  • Assists in reducing impact through energy return maintenance
  • Features Compression mesh Energy Web
  • Lightweight, durable and abrasion-resistant
  • external heel counter adds support with stability


  • The bottom layer might be hard
  • The tongue area needs more cushion

 2. Joomra Whitin Men’s Supportive Running Shoes

Most the the users called this shoe “excellent in all time” for its unconditional support and quality. Moreover, the price of it is super affordable. With only 45 dollars, you will enjoy excellent support with mobility.

Joomra White Men’s Running Shoes is an updated collection of Joomra. The profile of this shoe claims it is very responsive and helps to run at a natural position. People with overlapping toes love it for its durable foam midsole. It delivers relief for their toe portion. A special patch includes extra softness to the shoe.

Coming with lots of color variation, you will love this foamy and light shoe. Its heel-to-toe drop design especially takes care of your toe area. You can walk naturally even if you have bad foot pain, like overlapping toes.


  • A padded collar offers softness and mobility
  • a special patch on the upper prevents tearing
  • comes with durable density foam midsole
  • lightweight, responsive, and reliable in traction
  • heel-to-toe drop design is good for the natural running position.


  • Lack of arch support
  • Not so cushy for long hour

3. SKASO Mens Barefoot Walking Shoes

SKASO Mens Barefoot Walking Shoes are a perfect choice for daily wear. Its wide toe portion gives flexible movement but still handles overlapping toes. The interesting part of it, it combines laces and a zipper closure. So, you can use one of them or both for your convenience.

SKASO has a thin, soft rubber sole, which allows superb support and stability. Amazingly, this rubber material is tested. It can bend 180° and 360° rotations continuously 80,000 times, still maintaining stability. Its exceptional flexibility helps your foot to move naturally, plus twist like a barefoot experience.

This excellent shoe is available for only 35 dollars. We think this is a very friendly amount to have a new shoe. Moreover, it is an upgraded version of their collection. With its effortless entry, you will love to use it for both indoor and outdoor activities.


  • combines both laces as well as a zipper closure
  • easily adjustable with effortless entry
  • Wide Toe Design treats, especially overlapping toes
  • Constructed to fit the comfortable shape of your foot
  • Helps to stretch comfortably without any pain


  • Not for a narrow foot
  • Lack of support

4. Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky 5 Running Shoe

Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky 5 provides an excellent feeling of movement. Having an energy core portion it delivers improved softness and resilience at every step. It works to improve your comfort and offers spring to drive adequate performance. It is versatile in application and outlook.

The WAVE plate spreads all the body weight to a broader area. Thus, it maintains weight balancing for a user. Moreover, it adds a stable platform and superior cushioning, which ensures all about comfort. The X10 outsole is built with durable carbon rubber material. That’s why it is very strong in support.

The stretch Woven Upper allows elasticity. People who have sensitive feet like overlapping toes people will find it perfect for them.


  • Improves natural foot cycle with energy core unit
  • Delivers spring to enjoy optimum performance
  • Design with MIZUNO energy foam
  • MIZUNO WAVE plate increases stability with superior cushioning
  • Durable carbon rubber and Stretch Woven Upper


  • Poor zipper section
  • Need modification in support

5. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Gymnastics Shoe

Now, we have Hoka One One, a well-known brand in the footwear industry, which has some of the best shoes for overlapping toes. This shoe features a breathable open-engineered textile mesh upper. It allocates a comfortable as well as padded movement.

With the seamless synthetic overlays, you never feel wrong wearing this shoe. You adore its breathable textile lining. Because it allows abrasion-free wear, so, you will be flexible in moving, yet you have foot pain.

The removable textile-lined, along with foam padded insole, takes care of your feet. A durable EVA midsole emphasizes your comfort of moving. However, beyond all its quality, its price is very high. But the price becomes worth it, which is said by most of its users.


  • Breathable and open-engineered textile mesh upper
  • an abrasion-free shoe with textile lining
  • Removable textile lined and foam padded insole
  • Durable full-length EVA midsole offers shock absorbance
  • rubber inserts create additional grip


  • Too much pricey
  • A bit heavy

6. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 22

With your sensitive feet, you might want to run or jump, so this Brooks GTS 22 suits you better. It is excellent in all ways and great for an easy and smooth ride. Additionally, it has the certification as a PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe. So you won’t constrain your toes for the lack of comfort.

With the great cushion along with trusted GuideRails support, your riding experience will be better and more enjoyable. It has the APMA Seal of Acceptance, which confirms its quality. The 100% DNA LOFT cushioning pair with separated Crash Pad adds a softer and smoother ride.

You will get 29 color options of this amazing footwear. You will love every color of it. They are very attractive and smart. But it is a bit little costly.


  • trusted GuideRails support maximize your control over foot
  • a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe
  • a great shoe for sensitive feet and painful feet
  • with advanced support, perfect balancing, and comfort
  • 3D Fit Print upper gives an esthetic look to regular outfit


  • expensive
  • looks a bit bulky

7. ASICS Men’s JOLT 4 Running Shoes

You might think that Shoes For Overlapping Toes look bulky or fluffy.  Your idea becomes wrong whenever you pick this ASICS Men’s JOLT 4. Its engineered mesh upper cradles your feet with softness. At the same time, it helps to improve breathability.

The overlay has synthetic stitching. It makes this version more comfortable and softer. To move better while running, you get enough support. Besides, AMPLIFOAM cushioning provides underfoot comfort.

This shoe will give you a better experience relieving pressure on your outer toes. From 32 designs and color variations, you can find your desired one. Considering your foot problems like plantar fasciitis, overlapping toes, shin splints, or ankle strain, you can check out this shoe.


  • Engineered mesh upper works for improving breathability.
  • Synthetic stitching on the overlays gives maximum cushion
  • Designed with special AMPLIFOAM cushioning
  • A unique shoe to enjoy underfoot support and comfort
  • The sock liner helps to reduce water by conventional dying technology


  • Runs small
  • A bit smelly sometimes

8. Nike Women’s Gymnastics Shoes

Nike Women’s Gymnastics Shoe is a trainer shoe with strong support. This women’s shoe is very colorful and stylish. You will love this shoe for its appearance and solid colors. On Amazon, it earns huge ratings, so you can trust its quality, cushion, and mobility.

The rubber sole is very strong yet reflex properly. It ensures optimal stability. It will be your daily wear because it is lightweight yet soft. It is a must-have shoe for those who love to do skateboarding. It has become a streetwear icon for skateboard players.

Though it has high-quality material and other features, it is a very expensive product. You might think twice about having it.


  • Rubber sole ensures optimal support
  • It comes in some attractive and excellent color
  • Lightweight, responsive, yet durable footwear
  • a must-have shoe for skateboarding
  • spread the weight all over the shoe


  • Insufficient color option
  • Highly expensive

9. Vibram FiveFingers Men’s V-Train 2

Vibram FiveFingers Men’s V-Train 2 is a good one for fitness trainers or overlapping toes. Its Vibram toe portion keeps your toes separated from each other and helps to overlap your toes. Featuring a vibrating rubber sole, it creates a good feel while you are landing.

The protection for the toe portion will attract you. As it has proper toe articulation, you feel better. The upper part is specifically designed for exercise and heavy training. The company focuses on its durability and performance.

But the thing is it suits better for narrow feet. People with wide feet should pick a half-size bigger to enjoy the right fitting.


  • With an updated panel lacing system
  • The vibrating rubber sole allows additional support and stability
  • good toe articulation delivers a better ground feel
  • offers great balance with adequate stability
  • Upper construction is rigid, suitable for heavy training


  • Way to small
  • Not for wide feet

10. MIFAWA Barefoot Shoes for Men

Mifawa Barefoot Shoes for Men Toes with overlapping need a roomier toe box, wide forefoot portion, and adequate support. This shoe has all of them. A zero drop, flat heel, and wide toe box make it a lovely shoe if you have overlapping toes.

A non-elevated sole assists to place the forefoot right on the floor. You can put your feet in a neutral position and still enjoy the flexibility. Additionally, it works to adjust the posture of your feet naturally. Gradually, it ensures your proper posture while reducing stress on joints.

The removable insole hugs your feet with comfort. But the thing is. It needs more padding. Some customers claim about its poor cushioning. Otherwise, it is a very responsive and supportive shoe.


  • Features non-elevated sole to proper placement of the forefoot
  • Put your feet in a neutral position
  • Confirms proper posture while reducing stress on joints
  • A wide toe box helps overlap toes
  • Removable cushioned insoles support the arch and ankle


  • Narrow toe box
  • Need more cushioning

Criteria to buy best shoes for overlapping toes

To find out the most effective shoe to treat your overlapping toes, you need to select some features. The following portion describes the most important criteria that you should look for in a shoe.

Durability: Shoes for overlapping toes should be rigid and durable. If you wear a poor quality shoe that breaks at any time, cause further foot problem. So, try to pick a shoe whose material is long-lasting.

Quality: Never pick a poor-quality shoe if you are on a budget. Because the money you use for that shoe goes totally to waste after a few days, the shoe is a vital daily necessary thing, and it takes care of your whole body literally. So, try to purchase a high-quality, supportive shoe as you have overlapping toes.

Comfortable: Normally, people who have overlapping toes suffer from foot pain. So, wearing uncomfortable shoes will cause more pain. It is not a wise idea to increase any of your discomfort. However, cushioned, extra padded, and roomier toe box shoes are comfortable for them. Leather shoes give them relief if they have severe foot pain.

Breathable: Overlapping toe shoes should be light and breathable. If the shoe can flow with proper air circulation, it will create sweat. Therefore, your foot discomfort will increase. Keep in mind that, leather is the most breathable material.

Outsole: The outsole of your shoe should be strong and durable. Rubber outsole is recommended. Try to pick the shoe after a trial to check whether it is supportive or not.

Flexibility: Whether you have any foot problem or not, flexibility is a crying need for being a good shoe. And when you have overlapping toes, it is a must. Whatever you pick from anywhere, you must wear a shoe which is flexible for you.

Ankle Support: As you have sensitive feet, ankle support is important for you. Go for a shoe with additional ankle support.

Arch Support: Arch support helps to moderate your foot position gradually. For overlapping toes, it is essential to have the right foot position. Look for a shoe with the right amount of arch support.

Protection: Finally, protection is all about the main thing that the above criteria combine within a shoe. The more soft, and supportive the shoe is, the more flexible you are. Consequently, it makes you protective. Additionally, more grip and traction will give you better protection.

FAQ-(Frequently Asked Question)

1. How do you fix overlapping toes?

Make sure that you use a shoe that fits properly. Wearing a shoe with a wide-toe box can give you relief. You can use toe separators that reduce foot pain while you are moving. You can also try pads and inserts for more comfort. Wear a splint that suits your shoe.

Moreover, you can go for physical therapy. For this, you should need to consult with a physician. You can use ice on your foot. Last but the least, you have to maintain your weight to fix your overlapping toes.

2. Can overlapping toes be fixed in adults?

It is a very controversial question. Actually, conservative methods that are used as a treatment of overlapping toes work in some cases. Depending on the person’s foot condition, it varies. The earlier the treatment is started, the bigger the success rate is.

The treatment to fix overlapping in adults includes using toe separators,  wearing properly fitting shoes, and taking physical therapy. Your surgeon might opt for surgical treatment if normal therapy doesn’t recover your problem. Even if you have a toe deformity like a bunion, you also go for surgery.

3. How do you straighten crossover toes?

One simple but effective solution for correcting crossover toes is using a toe separator or spacer. They offer great ways to straighten crossover toes. You can also use toe splints. Proper fitting footwear also helps to straighten your toes gradually. Foot and toe alignment, bandages, and cold therapy also work better.

4. Are overlapping toes a problem?

Toes that overlap haven’t caused any major problems. But sometimes, this deformity may cause discomfort or complications. Gradually, it will develop serious foot problems like bunions. So, you need to get treatment from a podiatrist.

5. What are overlapping toes called?

In medical terms, overlapping toes are called clinodactyly. Generally, it affects the smallest toe on your foot. Sometimes, some people have a second toe that overlaps while they are walking.


Overlapping toes don’t bother your regular life if you use any best shoes for overlapping toes. They will help to reduce your pain and enjoy your life. Buy the right pair of shoes and be the fullest of life.

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